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Rene Helmerichs

Jul 1, 2018 — ^
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Happy Canada Day!

We grow in a culture that teaches us to dream. This is the true story of one individual who dared to dream for worldwide peace, and take a country to international court for it! Current events are in this document submitted to Taiwan police on 28 June 2018:
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Speed catch-up

It began in 2012.

A minister and a treasurer of a local Mormon Community Of Christ congregation lied.

City Of Barrie (Canada) police defended the lie.

Police arrested a man and presumed him guilty on 3 Sept 2012. He never set foot in court. He was not given a trial for the criminal allegation. He was imprisoned for twice the normal time, 2 months. He was forcibly injected.

He tried to speak back. A college professor with an alleged mental illness had no voice against the opinion of doctors. He forced their hand.

Police arrested the man a second time on 2 March 2013. They charged him with the same offence. The time period covered the same time as the first arrest. It is also against The Constitution Of Canada to use the exact same evidence for the same charge on two different occasions. It happened.

The man sat in isolation for 16 months. Ontario, Canada, lawyer Kathryn Hull prosecuted case file C-13-205-SR at Barrie. At the June 2014 trial, the man submitted email evidence to show the treasurer was lying.

The treasurer intentionally falsified her testimony. She claims she wanted nothing to do with the man, ever. She claims she did not give him her phone number on 21 Aug 2011. She claims she did not want the flower he gave her publicly at a Halloween 2011 party. She never mentions asking him out for Christmas and New Year's, nor the public rose on New Year's Eve, nor the 28 March 2012 spa date. These dates were entirely her idea.

At the June 2014 trial, Natalie Yewchyn testified that she had never emailed Rene Helmerichs. Lawyer Uma Kancharla cross-examined Natalie. "Never?" she asked. "Well, maybe once. But only in reply and only to tell him that I want no communication with him." was the June 2014 response.

Memory, this dissertation shows, is a very fickle thing.

Lawyers hid the false testimony of Mormon Community Of Christ members. Find emails and the original 2 March 2013 police witness statements of the Mormon minister and treasurer in the appendix to SOL A Course In Miracles To Demonstrate To You That You Are God And God Exists Beyond Our Collectively Shared Unconscious: an open doctoral dissertation for worldwide peace at .

The story is ridiculous and serious. Think. What an eternal conscious wills MUST be equally applicable to all because THAT is eternal law. Eternal law must be everywhere consistent, the same beyond concept for sameness. If in deed Rene Helmerichs is demonstrating GOD to the churches, is this really going to be left as something to argue about? The kicker is that lawyers in Canada knew.

Read this excerpt from a 3 July 2013 report submitted by Jeffrey Van Impe of Waypoint Centre For Mental Health to prosecutor Kathryn Hull at Barrie. From page 11 of 14:
Mr. Helmerichs has a multitude of complaints against RVH and the psychiatrists at that facility who were involved in his care during an involuntary admission from September 3 to October 30, 2012. He believes that the only way for his complaints to receive attention from the mainstream media will be for him to appear in Court and talk about RVH so that the information will become part of the public record. He suggested that his contact with N.Y. [Natalie Yewchyn, now Natalie Kelloway at] was not indicative of mental illness but rather the avenue he chose to get arrested so that that [sic] he could explain on the record what had happened to him at RVH. Essentially, Mr. Helmerichs is suggesting that he wants to use the Court room as a venue to discuss details about his involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.

The 2 July 2013 psych assessment, original Mormon 2 March 2013 statements, and other goodies are found with the Karagianis ego-exam at:

Point in fact, Rene Helmerichs doesn't just want to use the courtroom to discuss details. Rene Helmerichs intentionally incriminated the entire courthouse of Barrie, and therein the entire legal structure for Ontario. Canada is now defending FOR the lies begun by then Mormon treasurer Natalie Yewchyn. This is evident in the sheer lack of response from Canada to contact Rene and begin immediate redress of absolute destruction of his credibility at their injust system.

Accordingly, Rene is enacting rare talents hidden in the legal code of international law. Namely, Rene can play countries together on a worldwide scale until the entire global legal structure is corrected. The fundamental problem is psychiatry.

Psychiatry does not respect our eternal origin, nor the fact that our mind exists eternally independent of our physical brain. Rene actually tried to have the court order psychiatrists to grant him the permission to have his psychiatric statements recorded. A psychiatric debate is basically a battle of intellect.

Rene knows that he has the equivalent of a worldly I.Q. (intelligence quotient) greater than 200. Actually, currently, Rene is among the most gifted natural lawyers on the planet. This is easily demonstrated in the courtroom. For example, this 3 July 2015 transcript from Barrie, from that day for which Rene was asked to wait an extra 3 months in solitary confinement just because the doctor, James Karagianis, couldn't make time earlier:

The direct conclusion of 3 July 2015 is that the authority of an expert (not an expert in the field of law) allows him the authority NOT to have his written statements verifiable from original statements of the accused individual. The matter of recording was ONLY requested for the statements of Rene Helmerichs. The doctor assumed that Rene was asking to have the doctor's statements recorded. Rene was ONLY asking to have the ability to verify that psychiatrists all over Canada are able to intentionally distort facts and statements from patients.

Specifically, doctors impress their opinions of a limited mind onto individuals who believe in an eternal mind, and therein absolutely refuse to acknowledge the freedom of belief that what Jesus was talking about can actually really exist in real-time way, equally for all, always.

Rene was given mental disability pension in Canada after nearly 3 years in jail trying to correct injustices done to the man. His mother bought him a plane ticket to Taiwan, departing 30 Dec 2015. He got a job as a teacher right away. Then a second school insisted he work for them. He told that school that he was in jail in Canada on 20 May 2017 before they hired him.

Taiwan law had changed in 2017. Beginning in May 2017, the national law intended new teachers to any school to submit a criminal record check.

The school, Kidsland Sesame Street, a chain of 12 private branches in Tainan City, Taiwan (Republic Of China) removed the requirement for a criminal record check on 26 May 2017.

Rene began advertising a petition against Canada on 26 Dec 2017.

Sesame Street threatened to fire him on 28 Dec 2017 if parents of students found out his story.

On 21 Jan 2018 the vice president of the 12 branches of the private school chain called to tell him that parents found out.

On 22 Jan 2018 he was told not to come to work.

Rene wrote managers of Kidsland an offensive book in attempt to SHOW the managers that their reputation is at risk while they argue with Rene about this global project for real worldwide peace.

Managers thought Rene is mentally disabled. Thank you to Google for helping to correctly translate "mentally ill" into Chinese ONLY with the phrase "mental disability". It does clear up misunderstanding.

How can a man be mentally disability if he teaches law enforcement agencies how the internet can be used to submit audio recordings as evidence in court with a QR code that is accessible from any mobile phone?

Or, to plan the sure-win campaign to one day become the first independent Prime Minister of Canada, before electing himself as Governor General (GG; which is the visceral of Canada, or, in plain English, acting King or Queen Of Canada) and then holding a second election for Prime Minister? The GG has the exclusive authority to re-write or amend any law in Canada. Albeit, if that law is out of accord with the public interest, that is also legally treason so the ability is almost never used, but it is THAT ability which Rene requires to fix the entire legal structure OF Canada to be IN the bests interests OF her public.

What is the IQ of Rene Helmerichs? He wondered that too, in 2012. He could have scored perfect on a Mensa test, and saw the legal arguments to sustain the score. Demonstrating the wholey spirit, with correction to the misspelled word "Holy", does that not imply limitless intelligence?

The psychiatric term for Rene is "grandiose", yet, all that Rene does is FOR the people, any people in his environment. His environment is planet earth. We exist together in a limited sphere here. We either care for it and ourselves, or we are confused about our reality. Therefore, Rene asserts, psychiatrists are mentally retarded while they advocate pushing pills for profit over respecting the basic human rights of individuals, which includes allowing the individual to have both the right to refuse medication, and to have a trial for whatever criminal allegation resulted in the forced medication.

Kidsland Sesame Street fired Rene 6 months into a two-year contract.

Kidsland managers lied to The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau. They claimed they fired him because he wouldn't provide a criminal record check. They forgot to mention that they removed the requirement from the contract. They also forgot to mention the part about allowing parents to think that he is mentally disabled. This is legally defamation of character, and a criminal offence in Taiwan.

Read a REAL news story. It is happening right now. Rene is still building the same one legal argument, namely, GOD exists and exists equally for all of us. Giving money to a church doesn't help GOD like us any more or less than we like what we consider the least (most mentally disabled) in our common environment.

Will Taiwan, China, side with Canada? Will they defend for false testimony of school managers? OR, will they help mainland China to officially challenge Canada?

If Taiwan defends FOR Canada, then The People's Republic Of China (PRC) has a legal international lawsuit AGAINST Canada. PRC China can then ask The United Nations for embargoes against The Republic Of China (ROC Taiwan). PRC can obtain full control of ROC! Or, ROC Taiwan can challenge Canada. Will ROC Taiwan secure its place as an international country that advocates FOR human rights? OR, will it allow the mainland PRC to take full legal authority in International Court with help from The United Nations?

Current events are linked above in the QR code. There's a Taiwan Timeline at and dissertation for worldwide peace at . The Argument has always been about the 3-letter-word G-O-D.

Thanks for legalizing Justin.

Rene Helmerichs
1 July 2018

Introduction to The Dissertation For Worldwide Peace

His name is Rene. In 2012, he was a college teacher. A local Mormon minister deceived him to advertise a tithing workshop in his class a Georgian College, Barrie. Tithing means to give a regular amount of money directly from your bank account to the bank account of a church each month.

The date of the "Good Sense Budget" workshop was 21 April 2012. Churches use biblical Deuteronomy 14:22-29 as their justification to take money from the public in exchange for the false assurance that it is what God commands in the Bible.

The Bible speaks not of God but a Lord, like a governor. Sometimes it says "The Lord thy God" but that is different than the God-GOD that exists in eternity. Eternity is a real state, but it isn't recognizable to use here in relativity. It's like we're tied to it, and miss it, and know we want it and want to return to awareness of it, but haven't a clue how to do it. This greater story is actually a working experiment about that.

The Bible instructs citizens under command of "The Lord" to spend 10 percent of their harvest in whatever designated location. It goes on to say that if the journey is too far, citizens can turn their wears into money, and travel with the money to spend. The bible does NOT AT ALL suggest that citizens give money to The Lord.

Rather, The Book Of Deuteronomy 14:22-29 reads more like a neat design for governors of local areas to be able to work together to mitigate local droughts and poor harvests. Besides, any lord that demands money clearly isn't God of everything.

Georgian College had given Rene the choice to upgrade his education, or part ways. The deadline was 31 March 2013. In May 2012, Rene attempted to register his own charity. Rene participated with the Mormons in a Movember charity event in 2011. He figured that if Movember, a charity from Australia, could raise millions in its third year, so could the "new goal day" charity Talk To Dream.

To market the charity, Rene would write a book. The purpose for the charity is to raise the money to build a school. The school will be unique. It will fully support students, offer combined university and high school credit courses, and be the foremost self-sufficient school globally. It will also be the only school to certify teachers for the book A Course In Miracles.

Rene obtained a publishing contract in June of 2012. His book would need to be unique. A clerk from Balboa Press suggested establishing a marketing platform. A marketing platform is a group of people that would be read or willing to buy the book, like Gary Renard has. Memoirs were the trend in 2012.

The book is tentatively titled "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy." The book does face a serious difficulty. It is a living story, meaning, formerly publishing the book isn't required.

The story merely records the choices made by those to whom the idea of partnership is presented. The internet is perfect for such an endeavour. It is like a youtube video channel, across multiple servers and platforms, with limitless links and supporting documents, recordings, and videos. A living story applies to all, being wholesome.

Wholesome is the better word for "Holy", which is correctly spelled "wholey" and not suggestive of the phrase "to be filled with holes."

The obvious choice with which to partner are the churches. Churches advocate an eternal consciousness that must desire worldwide peace. An eternal awareness is a singularly united concept not able to conceive of destruction because it exists forever with whatever was ITS single origin. It only takes willingness to begin to understand why truly creative geniuses are always humanitarians.

Tim Stanlick of The Mormon Community Of Christ responded to email solicitations. Mind you, he didn't have much choice. Rene had wormed his way up the totem to find his attention, and bore in like a tick. The bible uses the term "wormwood", possibly implying relative life to present itself like a can of worms.

Tim was a senior minister residing in The United States. Tim instructed (ordered) his local minister Matthew Swain to inform the police by email in August of 2012. Matt added insinuation that Rene was abusing his son. In fairness, Rene took a picture of three seemingly random mosquito bites on the neck of his son, and sent it to Matt without explanation.

Police arrived at the residence of Rene on 31 Aug 2012. Plain-clothed detectives arrived to threaten Rene on 1 Sept 2012: to paraphrase detectives Tanya Lynch and Troy Armstrong, "If you email anyone from that church again, we will arrest you."

Fundamentally, a church cannot ask police arrest someone for desiring to partner with them in a project for worldwide peace. It actually contradicts their doctrine of Matthew 5:25. However, the law in Canada is indescribably backwards.

Police in Canada are able to arrest individuals for criminal allegations without ever even needing to consider offering the accused a right to defend the allegations. In Taiwan, the government established mediation centers at the district and municipal levels to solve arguments without formal police interjection. Taiwan is light-years ahead of the Canadian legal system in respect of fairness.

On 3 Sept 2012, Rene took the police, and the church, up on the offer of partnership. Rene emailed the entire Barrie congregation, and 100-or-so other addresses a meaningless 92-page picturesque document titled "The Good News Is Here". It was entirely without harm and incorporated highly suggested word-smithing.

Rene then walked to a location he guessed police would frequently patrol by police. He waited about 5 minutes at the Johnson's Beach cul-de-sac for a squad car to arrive. Rene calmly approached the officer and asked to be arrested. It was around 8am on Labor Day Monday morning, 3 Sept 2012; the officer's name was Sergeant Doug Henderson:

Rene happened to carry a small pipe with 3.5 grams and waived it in front of the officer when the officer asked why he should arrest Rene. Rene responded verbally, "Find some reason." Doug told Rene that Rene was under arrest for possession of Marijuana. Doug was wise to ask Rene, "Why?" Rene offered, "To unite the egos of the churches."

Doug drove Rene to Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH) for a check up. RVH medical staff drew blood from Rene without his consent. Rene was then locked into a prison within the hospital, so defined in The Canadian Criminal Code 2014.

Unbeknowst to Rene, Barrie police listed the arrest as being for the charge of Criminal Harassment to one Natalie Yewchyn. At that time, Natalie Yewchyn was treasurer of The Mormon Community Of Christ at Barrie. Police officer Brian Read authored the 4 Sept 2012 report. A copy is included in the appendix to The Dissertation found at . The dissertation is also linked within the file linked in the QR code pictured above.

Rene never made it to a police station in 2012. He never entered the criminal court process. And, he was never given the opportunity to defend against the allegation of having committed the offence of criminally harassing poor Natalie. Instead, Rene was locked into RVH and left to deal with psychiatrists who accused Rene of grandiose thinking. Heaven forbid we test our limits to real-eyes eternity, they insist.

The first psychiatrist to speak with Rene was Liqat Ali. Mr. Ali insisted that Rene claimed that Rene is God. Rene was pretty clear to Mr. Ali about the misunderstanding. No body is God because God is everyone, everything, and nothing all at once. Mr. Ali refused to consider the possibility that Mr. Ali was misperceiving the situation, and ordered all sorts of medication.

Mr. Ali expected pills to change Rene's mind. That's actually witchcraft. Rene is very interested in understanding his mind. However, pills to change one's thinking is for insanity while ensuing new thinking is nowhere defined. Rene did specifically ask a psychiatrist to define "normal", and received no response at the RVH tribunal hearing on 22 Oct 2012.

Rene refused the medication. Mr. Ali grew more and more frustrated with Rene and eventually passed Rene to his superior, Ms. Anjana Chawla. Ms. Chawla wasted little time. She insisted that Rene was so severely ill that he needed to be stripped of his right to refuse medication.

Ms. Chawla refused to respect that Rene wished his fiancée, now wife, to be his guardian in trust. Ms. Chalwa ordered that his mother be made the substitute decision maker because his mother believed in medicating for complacency. Ms. Chawla had Rene forcibly injected. Bear in mind that Rene had no previous history of mental health issues, nor any criminal record. Rene was also a respected member of the community as marketing representative AND teacher at Georgian College. Not to mention having previously passed rigorous air force mental exams to be admitted into the Canada air force in 1995 for a guaranteed placement as pilot, and undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

As Halloween approached, Rene suggested release since there wasn't much more Anjana Chawla could possible do. Behaviourally, Rene hadn't changed. He continued to be polite to patients, and continued to write offensively about nurses and doctors with copies requested for himself before adding the regular journal entries to his medical chart.

Rene was released from RVH on 30 Oct 2012. Ms. Chawla believed the injections to be required for at least a year. She threatened Rene with arrest if Rene failed to show up for the regular weekly injections. The injections only caused Rene spinal pain; they did nothing for his thinking.

It took Rene 6 weeks to argue Ms. Chawla out of the injections. Ms. Chawla had actually used the excuse that someone may want to hurt Rene for his writings, and therefore he was of harm to himself and needed her therapy. Yet Rene was only writing about Anjana and RVH at that time. In the end, Ms. Chawla bribed Rene to lower a blog of defamatory writing toward RVH and Ms. Chawla. In exchange Rene would be released from the forced injections.

One cannot say that Rene's writing produces effects. One CAN say that Ms. Chawla does not at all understand what her magical potions do and ought to be ordered to endure the same forced injections (at double the dose for her want to RAISE the dose of the last injection to Rene) to sufficiently understand its effects.

Georgian College fired Rene. The excuse was that Rene did not posses the necessary new certification standard. However, Rene was mid-course and contracted to continue until 31 March 2013 WITHOUT that certification. So Georgian College lied as well.

Lying isn't a crime of itself. When officials falsify statements to deny others basic human rights, or a legal defence, THAT becomes criminally punishable and identified as perjury when it happens in front of someone entrusted to uphold the law. Arguably, it is perjury in front of Rene.

At Georgian College, Rene was a contributing member in the OPSEU Local 350 union. Rene believes that union to have violated its requirement to Rene, which demands that it support Rene in a legal argument against Georgian College, or permit Rene to open a legal argument against the union.

Rene was left jobless after RVH. The book project had left its impression. Unsure what to do now, Rene took time to re-find his mental footing. He completed training as a school bus driver in February 2012. In a conversation with Christine of Sinton Transportation, here Rene turn down the offer of a job as a school bus driver AFTER being locked into a mental ward and forcibly injected for a criminal offence that did not actually occur, and HEAR Rene say that he intends to continue his book:

Rene triggered the second arrested on his 2 March 2013 birthday specifically to grow this larger human rights case. Rene was not given a trial to address the accusation of criminally harassing Natalie Yewchyn. The argument had been about GOD with a church. It had nothing to do with Natalie Yewchyn.

The Argument is against psychiatrists who permit or assist perjury. See the 3 July 2015 transcript.
"Expert" psychiatrist James Karagianis advocates AGAINST freedom of culture AND The D.S.M.:

Specifically, the 2012 psychiatric assertion that Rene was obsessed with Natalie (Yewchyn) Kelloway. The assertion is echoed in the 2 July 2013 14-page statement of psychiatrist Jeffrey Van Impe included in the larger (.pdf) document containing the 3 July 2015 Karagianis transcript. In 2012, psychiatrists Anjana Chawla and Liqat Ali originally defended the false City Of Barrie police statement that Rene was criminally harassing Natalie Yewchyn. The police statement is found in the 4 Sept 2012 report by officer Brian Read linked directly at, and included in the dissertation at

In her 2 March 2013 statement, Natalie re-affirms her Sept 2012 assertation that, since 5 Feb 2011 (the day Rene and Natalie first met, according to Natalie--which Rene didn't recall until reading her statement), she never wanted anything to do with Rene. It was her idea to attend The Blue Mountain Spa together on 28 March 2012. Her entire story is disproven with a single one-line email from her to Rene and a friend dated 13 March 2012:
"Hello Gents, Just checking in. Are you both still in for the spa and if so would you like to carpool? Regards, Natalie."

Rene ultimately declined Natalie, but gave Grant a lift. If Rene were truly obsessed with Natalie, as the police led psychiatrists to believe, would Rene not have tried to take only Natalie and prolong the trip with added detours, and delay? As it was, Natalie had no choice but to drive herself since Irina Swain took Angela's spot and didn't yet have a driver's license:

Here's another email from Natalie, contradicting her sworn 2 March 2013 (and earlier) claims:

At the June 2014 trail, Natalie makes further false claims. See the story in the dissertation for more details and loving goodies. For the rest of us, here's a 31 August 2012 email directly challenging The Mormon Community Of Christ concept for "God" in the assertion that Rene (I) can come out of this with my reputation as a teacher for A Course In Miracles INTACT:


Rene Helmerichs
Continued in the dissertation for worldwide peace at .

This Independence Day, cast your vote! SHARE THE NEWS. YOUR VOICE COUNTS!

P.s. only together can we correct Canada's (actually illegal) Criminal Justice System. Vote Rene for P.M. unless Canada agrees to a formal peace treaty! (That would begin with a polite email to the address above.)

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