Stop Clermont Village

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Hendricks county has decided to rezone the old golf course east of Brownsburg for a new housing development. It's for a private community that is being planned by a commercial developer. It includes over 160 houses. This property is an agricultural land, and the people that live adjacent to it live there for that reason. It shouldn't and can't be rezoned for residential because of flood, sewer, and water concerns. Also the environment impact as well as traffic impact it would have on the local community. Brownsburg has many sufficient schools and there is no reason for a private community to build their own school. This land should not be developed. The deer will be gone, the coyotes that we listen to will be gone, the Irish osprey that feeds in the pond will be gone, the owl that we've all heard at night, gone. Not to mention there is still standing water everywhere,  and it hasn't even rained. This will be a disaster to this neighborhood. And Dennis Dawes, the county commissioner will have his pockets lined with cash if this passes Everyoneshould call him at 317-745-9221 and tell him to vote against it. Please sign. We have a right not to have to live on a Lilly pad.