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Help us to Stop Shark Finning and illegal Fishing in Isla Malpelo

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The Reasons why we need your Support

Malpelo Island in Columbia is a Unesco World Heritage Marine Nationalpark and for sure one of the last scuba diving destinations with an abundance of pelagic fish life, thousands of sharks like Hammerheads, Silky sharks and Galapagos sharks. The park has a 21 sea miles no fishing zone and also the President of Columbia gave the order to control this area, but words are not enough. Every year illegal fishing boats from Costa Rica and Ecuador are coming to the island and are trying to catch as much they can. We found dozens of long lines and also already sharks who died on big hooks which were attached on the long lines.  Without more protection, the area will be fished out like most of the oceans already are and we will lose probably the last paradise for us scuba divers where we can have daily encounters with big fish.  We will handle out this petition on 20/21 November 2013 directly to the authorities during the yearly meeting from the Park and Government Authorities and the live aboard owners who operates in Malpelo.
You dont know about Malpelo? Watch the Video and you see what you missed.
We and the Marinepark of Malpelo are hoping for your support.

The following Letters are the ones we give the Goverment directly:

Dear Colombian Authorities, herewith we give you the knowledge that the world is watching very critical what happens with illegal fishing  in the Marine Nationalpark of Malpelo Island. Colombia has one of the last paradises in the Ocean and can be very proud of it. The divers who are diving there are paying the highest national park fees in the world compare to all other dive destinations like Galapagos or Cocos Island. These Park fees should be used to protect the Marine park all year round. But this is not the reality. More and more divers who came back from Malpelo reported about dive sites which were covered with long lines or that fishing boats just leave when the diving boat arrives. Some of us also have seen dead sharks killed by long lines on the dive sites. We saw park rangers and soldiers on the island who were not even interested to do anything against fishing boats who entered the Park, even when the diving boat owner provided them their boat to approach them. 

This has to be stopped immediately and the Park needs your full attention. The Park needs controlling against illegal fishing boats all year around.
Use your power to protect your treasure at sea, the reproduction area of fish in Columbian waters and probably the last scuba divers paradise.
Do simply what you promised to the world – protect the World Heritage Site “Isla Malpelo”.


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