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National Social Development's proposed Bill contains drastic changes to our laws that will negate South African children’s best interests & undermine their Constitutional, legal and human right to family life through adoption. 

YOU could be detrimentally affected if you are:-

  • an abandoned, orphaned, unparented child who is adoptable
  • a child in the process of being adopted
  • a child who has been adopted
  • a family member of such a child
  • an adoptive parent or prospective adoptive parent
  • a child protection organisation
  • an adoption social worker in private practice
  • a member of any profession serving adoptable or adopted children or their birth or adoptive families – e.g a lawyer, psychologist, medical practitioner, trauma counselor, therapist, migration consultant, researcher, social justice advocate
  • a donor, philanthropist or volunteer.

By adding your signature to this petition, you will be:-

  • Objecting to the whole of the Children's Amendment Bill as gazetted on 29 October 2018;
  • proposing instead that the deadline for all comments must be sufficiently extended to enable all stakeholders, especially children, to provide input;
  • agreeing that the Constitutional rights of children and adults are at stake because the Gazetted Bill has far-reaching repercussions for many stakeholders who have not been properly consulted, nor provided with adequate time to lodge objections and make recommendations; and
  • that the voices of children cannot be excluded from processes involving them.

Debbie Wybrow

Somerset West, South Africa

Practising Attorney: Wybrow-Oliver Attorneys

The Bayakhanya Foundation

Founding Director: Wandisa™ Child Protection & Adoption Specialists or