Help Marshal Iwaasa's disappearance be investigated as a Criminal Case

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Marshal Iwaasa was last seen Sunday November 17, 2019 leaving his mother's house in Lethbridge Alberta. It is known that his specific code was used to gain access to the storage unit he shares with his sister on November 18, 2019, exiting the unit at 8:30 am. His truck was found burned out in a remote area near Pemberton BC (roughly 14 hours away) on Saturday November 23, 2019. At the scene of his truck were items belonging to Marshal and items that have been identified by family as not Marshals. There are no financial records for gas for the drive to Pemberton suggesting that Marshal may not have driven or someone else was with him on the drive to Pemberton. 

After the truck was located by RCMP on November 25 2019 the area was thoroughly searched for roughly one week using Search and Rescue Personnel, Underwater divers, helicopters, and cadaver dogs. Additional searches have also taken place May 2020 and June 2020. Extensive searching has never located Marshal and there are no records or surveillance indicating that Marshal drove his truck to Pemberton BC. 

We are currently waiting on the results of the RCMP fire investigation that took place at the end of June to determine the cause of the fire. As Marshals case is considered a standard missing persons case family have been informed of the restrictions on Police and RCMPs access to historical data on Marshal and the inability to examine any fingerprints or DNA that may be at the scene. We are requesting that Marshals case be treated as criminal. This will allow Police and RCMP to gain access to additional historical cellphone and bank records of Marshals.

Through this petition we are formally requesting the following actions take place: 

  • Marshals disappearance and case be classified and investigated as Criminal 
  • Items found at the scene of the truck be tested for fingerprints and DNA
  • A thorough search of Marshals last known location (Storage unit in Lethbridge Alberta) and surrounding area 
  • Items in the storage unit be fingerprinted and tested
  • Fire investigation report to be completed and provided to Lethbridge Police
  • Increased collaboration of Lethbridge Police Service with the hired private investigators on Marshals case

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