Help LGBTQ+ Refugees Get Their Voice Heard by The Canadian Government.

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We need the Canadian government to hear our voice. We started this petition because the Canadian federal government is failing LGBTQ+ Refugees by not providing better services to help them be productive individuals in Canadian Society. The first one is mental health services, we have been through a traumatic experience of torture and escape.

The housing situation is causing a major crisis for us especially in Toronto, where a lot of us have to move every month because to be able to rent, we need to have a credit check and job reference, which is hard to have when we first arrive. We also need a simpler process for continuing our education, as it's hard for us to get our school documents from the countries we had to flee.

Although there are many organizations and campaigns to support refugees, these organizations specialize in a limited amount of services and typically lack the ones mentioned above.

LGBTQ+ Refugees are fleeing their countries and coming to Canada for an opportunity at a better life. A lot of LGBTQ+ refugees are becoming isolated in Canadian cities because there is very little support for them as they try to assimilate to the new culture and learn to navigate complicated societal systems.

"LGBTQ+ refugees are being forced to live in Canada with complex post-migrational needs, including limited or no local language proficiency; interrupted formal education, and undocumented, criminalized, or missing legal identity documents." (CFCA report)

"LGBTQ+ refugees have struggled with addressing matters of gender identity and sexual orientation directly and indirectly as a result of their displacement. Issues of poverty, income inequality, racism, social stigma, domestic abuse, and violence have also been identified throughout the resettlement journey. LGBTQ+ refugees are at risk for poor mental health due in part to these issues and lack of adequate services." (Joseph et al., 2015)  

We need some real solutions for our problems, we need a transparent conversation and a real change, so we are able to be productive individuals in this society.

Please sign this petition, share it with your friends and family, we want support from as many people as possible so our voice can reach the Canadian government.