Justice for Journi and Bri!!!

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Brianna Baucum, a rising award-winning senior at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)'s Social Work,  is also a loving black mother that dedicates her life to helping children who needs our help. 

Over the past year, Brianna and her daughter (Journi) have unnecessarily endured and are currently surviving a web of trauma. Recent reports from UTA's Student Newspaper and a recent Channel 27 News documentary state:

  1. A fellow student filed multiple outlandish false reports against her since 2019 including falsely telling Heather Snow (Dean of Students at UTA) that Journi was “dead in a 400-degree oven” at Baucum’s residence.
  2. Male UTA police officers drug Brianna out of her shower (without clothing) and placed her in the squad car for questioning in response to one of the nearly 20 calls that this student allegedly made to police in the DFW area.
  3. Brianna fears for her safety and states “Even now if I go outside, there will be police outside of the home.  Wherever I go on campus, police are always following me, stopping me for whatever reason.”

Unfortunately, UTA and other outlets continue to ignore Brianna’s reiterated calls for help and support, and the false allegations made by the fellow student-led UTA to place Brianna on academic probation. CPS also removed Journi from home and placed her in foster care where Journi became the victim of sexual and physical abuse.  Shockingly, the case is STILL ongoing, and Journi is STILL in foster care. 

Women are among the most neglected groups in America, and the cases of #breonnataylor and Brianna Bacuum shows us that Black women are the rule, rather than the exception. 

Please join Brianna's family, friends, and attorneys (Andrew Wilkerson and Michael Campbell) in calling on James Milliken (University of Texas Chancellor), the Council for Social Work Education, and lawmakers to form an independent investigation into UTA's handling of this matter and join the fight to #BringJourniHome.

Partner with us to#BringJourniHome by doing the following:

  1. View, provide comments on and share the interview w/ Brianna in the Shorthorn (UTA's student newspaper), and Channel 27  News with your personal and social media network
  2. Contact James B. Milliken (Chancellor of the University of Texas) via phone (512.499.4201) email (chancellor@utsystem.edu), or twitter (@jbmilliken) about this matter
  3. Reach out Beverly Powell (State Senator) via phone (817.820.0007), email (beverly.powell@senate.texas.gov), or through twitter @beverlypowelltx
  4. Donate to Brianna's legal fund through this link to her gofundme account
  5. Keep updated through our Twitter accounts @JourniJustice4 and @blackatuta
  6. Sign this petition, and make your support known
  7. Email freejourniandbri@gmail.com and let us know how you would like to help.

Please let us know if you need any other information and reference this CAUSE NO: 323-111620-19 when asked for more information about this case.

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