Please let me hug my family before it's too late!

Please let me hug my family before it's too late!

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Support “Gloria’s Law” and end isolation for care home residents

West End performer Ruthie Henshall has been personally affected by the harsh visiting restrictions imposed on care homes during the pandemic. Tragically Ruthie lost her own wonderful mum Gloria, after witnessing her decline from the other side of a window, over many torturous months. Like thousands of others, she felt as though she was grieving for someone that was still alive. As the Ambassador for Rights for Residents, Ruthie is campaigning for “Gloria’s Law”. If passed this would ensure every resident has the legally enforced right to the support of an essential visitor, who could support them in all circumstances. 

Many care home residents have spent large parts of the last eighteen months separated from their loved ones and isolated from each other, as they've been required to isolate in their own small rooms. Family contact is an essential part of care that has been denied from residents during the pandemic and the huge deterioration in their mental and physical health has been shocking.

Many have simply given up the will to live, leaving families unable to say their last goodbyes. Those living with conditions that prevent them from understanding what is happening and why have been left feeling confused and abandoned. 

Official Government Guidance has finally acknowledged the need for every resident to nominate an Essential Care Giver / Visitor that can visit “in all circumstances”, including during a Covid outbreak. However, many homes refuse to follow the official Government Guidance - as it is advisory and not law - and instead impose their own more restrictive visiting regime.  

What we want the Government to do 

We’re calling on the Government to take the following urgent action before more lives are lost through loneliness and isolation:

  • Pass legislation (Gloria’s law) that gives every care home resident the legal right to nominate an Essential Care Giver / Visitor that can visit in ALL circumstances, regardless of outbreaks, tier restrictions, lockdowns or variants. 
  • Produce official care home visiting guidance that brings those living in care settings in line with the rest of society who are no longer subject to ANY Covid restrictions.
  • Mandate the Government visiting guidance to care homes and introduce clear penalties for those that refuse to implement them.

Family members are not “just” visitors. No matter how wonderful care staff are, they cannot provide the emotional support that can only come from a family member. From children separated from their parents to young adults and the elderly, their distress is unimaginable.

Inequality and Discrimination

On 19th July all Covid restrictions were lifted in England but despite being the first group to be fully vaccinated, care home residents remain subject to harsh restrictions. 

Whilst everyone else can enjoy socialising whenever and wherever they want, many residents and their families have to plead with their care home manager just to be "allowed" to sit in their own room together. Others are still limited to a 30 or 60 minute visit, every two or three weeks, in a faceless, designated room. This is despite all parties being fully vaccinated. 

Even the most vulnerable living in the community can enjoy endless opportunities to mingle, without having to make an appointment to see their own family and friends. They are managing their own risks in the knowledge that the level of protection provided by the vaccine is as good as it gets. The same principle must be urgently applied to those living in care settings as there is no risk-free solution for any of us.

The disparity of treatment must end now. The alternative is that those living in care homes will be locked away indefinitely, with no end in sight. Please sign our petition and help end this inequality.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!
At 300,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!