Airlift for Afghanistan: Rescue ALL Endangered People NOW!

Airlift for Afghanistan: Rescue ALL Endangered People NOW!

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Luftbrücke Afghanistan hat diese Petition an Dr. Angela Merkel (Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany) und gestartet.

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"I have been campaigning for women's rights since I was in school, now I am afraid for my life.
I am known here from the media, so I cannot even hide with my family to avoid endangering them."
Samira*, lawyer

"We had to flee our home in the north. Although Parvis worked for the Bundeswehr (German Forces) until 2011 and then for German NGOs, we are not supposed to get protection? If the Taliban find us, they will kill our whole family. We need your help now!"  Parvis* and Homaira*, parents of two young children.

* Names changed to avoid endangering the individuals.

Dear Sir or Madam,  

The Taliban have taken over power in Afghanistan and the lives of tens of thousands of people who worked for a peaceful, democratic Afghanistan governed by the rule of law are in acute, life-threatening danger. Kabul can no longer be left by land. Immediate protection is needed not only for local staff of the Bundeswehr who served from 2013 onwards, but for all those who are in massive danger because of their cooperation with us:

  • Local staff of all ministries and their subordinate organisations without restrictions as to when they worked there;
  • Local staff of international organisations such as the EU, EUPOL, NATO, UN;
  • Employees of German or German-funded NGOs and foundations;
    Journalists who have worked for of the German media or voiced critical opinions of the situation in Afghanistan therein;
  • Academics who have studied or conducted research in Germany;
  • Other particularly endangered persons, such as defenders of women's rights and human rights, authors, artists, athletes and members of religious and sexual minorities.

Limiting support to "local staff as of 2013" means handing over everyone else to the Taliban without protection. This must not happen! Following the Canadian example, we therefore demand from the German government:

  • Immediate commitment to take in a contingent of up to 20,000 people (those at immediate risk and their families).
  • Immediate compilation of lists of those at risk, jointly with all organisations financed by the federal budget that were active in Afghanistan.
  • Immediately establish an airlift to move those at risk and their nuclear families to Germany or other safe havens; negotiate safe passage to airports or border crossings;
  • Waive formalities on the ground, other than checking the identity of individuals; carry out further administrative procedures in Germany or safe third countries.

The Bundestag (German parliament) has given you a legal basis for precisely this situation in Sections 22 and 23 of the Residence Act. It enables you to grant admission to foreigners (individuals or groups of persons) for reasons of international law or on urgent humanitarian grounds.

In this situation it is all about saving human lives. It is a matter of days, perhaps only hours.

The admission on humanitarian grounds and the airlift are needed immediately!

"The West has left Afghanistan defenceless to the Taliban. Germany has a duty to save the lives of all those who trusted in us and fought for a better future for the country!" Kava Spartak, Initiator

"When people are in need, the election campaign must be put aside. Let's unite to put everything in motion to save the threatened people in Afghanistan!" Tilmann Röder, Initiator 

0 haben unterschrieben. Nächstes Ziel: 150.000.
Bei 150.000 Unterschriften wird diese Petition zu einer der meist gezeichneten Petitionen auf!