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Dubai Health Authority - Tuberculosis Deportation Scam - Fully Exposed

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Summary : March 2013, I received employment in a law firm in D.I.F.C. (Dubai International Financial Centre), While appearing for medical test at Al Muhaisna medical centre (A part of Dubai Health Authority), suspected that I have old T.B scar- my Dubai visa was cancelled and I was deported based on this mark without given a human’s right to appeal in U.A.E. India’s well named hospital A.I.I.M.S. (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) at New Delhi and L.R.S. Super specialty T.B hospital conducted thorough checkups i.e. Skin test (Mantoux) twice, Chest x-ray, Blood test, Sputum test twice and a Chest C.T Scan – Reports Negative. Quantiferon T.B Gold test (Specially designed to detect old or latent T.B in the body) done twice - Reports negative.

Test results: Based on my negative reports, each hospital issued me the fitness certificate stating zero evidence of Tuberculosis in my body.

⦿ X-rays cannot detect old Tuberculosis: There are more than 40 reasons for lung scarring.Evidence: http://www.icomplaints.in/forty-one-41-reasons-exposing-the-rumor-of-028087.html proves it false.

⦿  Blood test cannot detect old TB: Mantoux test or Skin Test or P.P.D test, Evidence : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantoux_test proves it false.

☛  Clearly mentions, Mantoux test shows false positive results.

Doctors are funded to hide this fact since their salary meter is ON and 95% deportation happens on an unreliable test termed as Mantoux test. Why the said tests are not recognised by US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland like well-educated countries? 

⦿ Quantiferon TB Gold cannot detect old TB: Quantiferon Gold test appears an accurate in results, but this test also shows false positive results.Evidence: http://jcm.asm.org/content/50/9/3105.full proves it false.

☛  Another proof: - Quantiferon Gold test results Negative in 2015 by (G.C.C. Approved Authority). Mantoux positive, received fitness evidence.

⦿ Sputum test can only discover active TB, hence it's absolutely impotent to detect old t.b, group of subjects, shall report negative in clinical trials.. 

Surprisingly, after our petition and online posts started getting viral, D.H.A doctors admitted their mistake, stating that this scar can be due to other reasons as well. In 2013, they used to assume it as just Old TB scar. 

As per the evidences and reports, it’s nothing more than cheating patients by doing bogus testing.

Mantoux test and Quantiferon Gold test done in two different stages for myself are showing erroneous results (Positive & Negative) both. Wikipedia is correct but doctors in Gulf countries are doing wrong by concealing this information. Any person devoid of lung scar or never had old or active TB in his life, his/her test reports will display flawed reports. Try Mantoux and Quantiferon multiple times you will know the potency of these tests.

☛ Conclusion: Apparently, Dubai health authority is performing tests which are undeveloped and incorrect. Doctors should first try Mantoux test twice on their own body and then advise others, quite confirm they will find old TB in their own body.

International organizations do not recommend the said tests to confirm some one's medical illness in the past. 

☛ As per chest specialists, there is no medicine invented yet, that can eliminate chest scars. Chest specialist confirms that marks goes on its own without medicine and as per them, there are lots of cases wherein scars vanished after couple of months or years on case to case basis.

☛ Suggestion: If you have no sign of active tuberculosis and the hospital forces you to take TB medicines, please do not accept . It has dangerous repercussions on a healthy human body.

 Dr. Mario Raviglione (Director at W.H.O) named it as absolute discrimination. http://www.thenational.ae/news/uae-news/health/deportation-laws-reform-lies-dormant 

Interpretation: After my deportation, G.C.C. and India media covered my story on their channels and newspapers. Eventually D.H.A. apologized their blunders via written email, D.H.A. offered me to come back to U.A.E. on D.H.A's visit visa provided I do not complaint against their doctors but I did not accepted this offer.

While in U.A.E, you are privileged to interrogate based on the aforementioned facts. After deportation, Media is the only resort to force doctors to remove your ban. There are many cases where in deportation put on hold due to fear of media.Collectively, doctors in G.C.C are now planning to change this outdated law for once and all. With you always ☆☆☆

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                          CHARANJEET SINGH