Demand Federal Regulations for Sober Living Homes: HHS Secretary - Alex M. Azar II

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Our goal is to have all sober living homes regulated by the Federal Government.

Violence, drug use, neglect and deaths due to overdose in sober living homes are happening at an alarming rate every day throughout the United States. Sober living homes across the country provide virtually no supervision, social services, drug or alcohol treatment programs, security or rehabilitation. They are largely unlicensed businesses that open in a residential neighborhood of single family homes, without registering, or notifying anyone, and without being required to have any treatment programs, accountability, supervision or security.

In many cases, if there is a staff member, they are not required to have any training at all to become a 'House Manager'...not even first aid training. These facilities should not be able to warehouse vulnerable recovering addicts and call themselves a “drug-free environment” when there are no safe guards in place or regulations or licensing required.

Many sober living home owners apply for IRS non-profit status and do not pay taxes, while paying themselves exorbitant salaries. They do this by claiming to provide services, such as counseling, or say they are “treatment centers” when in reality most do nothing but collect costly rents, by warehousing large numbers of recovering addicts (in many cases with violent offenders that are on parole) in unsafe and inadequate quarters. In doing so they expose vulnerable addicts to hazards that interfere with their recovery, wellness and safety.

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Please sign our petition demanding that sober living homes are regulated by the federal Government, requiring that they are licensed, have management and first aid trained staff, disclose onsite overdose deaths, disclose if they house paroled residents with violent convictions, and provide a safe and drug free environment.

Accountability should consist of federal regulations which have the power to close down facilities that are not licensed, not compliant, and do not provide a safe environment.

Thanks for taking the time to review our petition regarding this life and death issue.

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