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Save Mikuia

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~I am sorre for mistakes, my english is not perfect~

I am sure most of the Osu! streamers know Mikuia. It's a great bot developed by Hatsu. It has many cool features (Level Sytem, PP Growth, Map requests,...). And the best point about is completely free (for the users). Everyone can use Mikuia with clickig a simple button. 

That's the side of Mikuia that we know. But Mikuia has to run on servers. And servers are expensive. Hatsu has to pay for those servers every month. Until now, there was a possibility to support Mikuia with buying "Support". Not like the other bots, this didn't grant you some extra features and other stuff. The only thing it did, was that Mikuia would stay in your twitch chat 24/7. Not many users supported Hatsu with money, because it didn't grant them any new features. Hatsu paid most of the servers...completely alone. That is very expensive. Hatsu has to pay for a server, that is good enough to run the website and Mikuia (on ~1000channels) at the same time.

But now Hatsu had enough. Mikuia is down, because the serves are too expensive. I already told Hatsu about several possibilities how she could inform people about, that she needs donations. But up to now, she doesnt believe in the people anymore. She thinks, that nobody cares about Mikuia. And that's why i created this petition. To show Hatsu, that his great work, Mikuia, is still very much appreciated and needed in the community.

If you care about Mikuia, it would be great, if you could sign this petition. We need to make Hatsu believe into his project again.

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