Justice For Iskele Cyprus Pound Dogs

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It has come to our attention that, once again, this dog shelter which is run by the Iskele local council in Cyprus is in a disgusting state.

There are currently approximately 40-50 dogs and puppies who are incarcerated and are at the mercy of the local council who are not providing veterinary care and feeding the dogs human food waste despite having dried dog food available. They are also putting dogs in with each other which are fighting with or bullying the others while the paid local authority staff sit on their backsides and chat instead of looking after the dogs properly.

This starts with the Iskele Mayor, Hasan Sadıkoğlu, who apparently believes it is acceptable to feed puppies and dogs slops, to deny them access to medical care both preventative and essential. This is all despite the fact the law dictates clearly the standard expected of dog shelters in Cyprus and this one isn’t even meeting the basic requirements. In addition Hasan Sadıkoğlu receives a budget to run and maintain the pound, but clearly he must choose to spend the budget on other things because it is certainly not spent on the dogs! 

Volunteers have tried hard to work with the local council only to be banned when they cause too much ‘trouble’ and they get threatened and verbally abused by the local council staff at the pound. 

Dogs are sick and dying here while their human carers sit back and turn a blind eye. Well enough is enough, the volunteers and animal lovers in North Cyprus need help to bring this situation to the attention of as many animal carers as possible so we can together stop the suffering of these innocent dogs.

Please sign this petition which will be sent to The Iskele Mayor in an attempt to make him understand that this is just not good enough and not acceptable at any level. He has a duty of care towards these dogs whether he likes it or not!

This complete disregard and animal abuse must stop now, please sign this petition so we can let him and his staff know this is not acceptable.

Thank you ��