Removal of Christopher Columbus Statue in Norwalk

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We support the removal of the Christopher Columbus statue located at Heritage Wall in Downtown Norwalk and for it to be replaced with a monument that is dedicated to the Wappinger and Lanope people.

We believe it is high time that the City of Norwalk is more inclusive of the original inhabitants of Norwalk Lenape and Wappinger, who were nearly annihilated through genocide.

What this statue represents to our community as well as many other colonial monuments is violence, racism, marginalization, and the continued denial of the genocide of indigenous people.  

A past we still struggle with because we are reminded of it daily with the honoring of Christopher Columbus at Heritage Wall. Columbus killed millions of indigenous people through slavery and policies of systematic extermination. Under his rule his men hanged indigenous people in mass, roasted them at the stake, hacked children to be used as dog food. Columbus was a slaver of indigenous people and facilitated the sexual exploitation of indigenous women and girls as young as nine; He profited from the pain of our ancestors and this is being commemorated in Heritage Park in Downtown Norwalk. Columbus is the architect of a genocide that is comparable to Hitler’s “Final Solution”. 

October 12, 1492, marks the beginning of our Holocaust with the arrival of Christopher Columbus. 100 million Indigenous people were massacred on this continent. A genocide that exterminated 95% of the native population. It is the largest and most atrocious genocide ever committed in the history of humanity. As descendants of the 5% that survived this genocide known as Mexicans, “Central Americans”, “South Americans”, “Native Americans” and those in solidarity with them we are asking the city of Norwalk to stop honoring the man who started this genocide, that we as indigenous people are still under, known as Christopher Columbus. The statue of Columbus represents his legacy of mass murdering, raping, pillaging, torturing, and enslaving Indigenous men, women, children, and babies of the western hemisphere.  

We believe that the Norwalk City Council would be open to finally removing these monuments that commemorated the genocide of indigenous people and replace them with monuments to our Indigenous ancestors. There are about 600 monuments of Christopher Columbus erected all over the world and it is time to show the world that Norwalk will do the morally right thing and will no longer honor genocide by replacing the statue of Columbus, that symbolically represents terrorism against indigenous people, with something that will honor those indigenous people that have resided in the land called “Norwalk”.

This petition will be delivered to Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling and the Norwalk City Council.

Sincerely, Connecticut Youth Activists