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We are urging people to please help protect Air Force Men's Gymnastics from being dropped at the United States Air Force Academy. Air Force Men's Gymnastics is the highest ranked men's team at the Air Force Academy, currently sitting at 9th place in the NCAA. These young men have dedicated their lives to the hardest sport in the world, just as they will dedicate their lives to protecting this great nation once they graduate. Right now they need your help to protect the sport that has opened so many doors for them. The end of Air Force Men's Gymnastics could possibly be the end of NCAA men's gymnastics altogether. If you support this cause, please contact your local and state representatives today to join the fight. 

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Everyone on this page has some kind of interest in Air Force Gymnastics. I have been very fortunate to work with this amazing group of men this year. The character of these athletes are exactly what the Academy and our Air Force need. Today I put some thoughts on paper and I will share them with all of you. If everyone shares this post we will reach thousands and potentially someone in the position to stop this potential tragedy. They fight every day for greatness and now it is time for us to fight for them. 

For the last several months I have had the privilege of spending just about every day with men’s gymnastics. An admirer of the sport from afar I was excited to get closer to the sport and the individuals that compete in it.

I had no idea what I was in for and what I witnessed made me question everything I thought I knew about being an athlete. It also validated some insanely disturbing thoughts about greatness that most never acknowledge. 

There are times when I interact with them and others I just observe. What are they thinking as they stare down the apparatus they are about to compete on?

Each day is different and brings a wealth of emotions to the gym. All individually working on skills yet pulling for each other’s success. The cringe of watching teammates avoid disaster. The excitement of sticking a landing. The connection with each other I believe only a gymnast could describe and everyone else just tries to get there. I just watch and appreciate that I am a part of something so powerful. 

The intimacy they have with their sport is unique. The desire of mastering every skill and knowing if one second of focus is lost it’s potentially over.

It is entertainment to the viewer but to the athlete I assume it is so much more. It’s filled with love, hate, passion, desire, pain, exhaustion all within seconds. One moment everything seems to click and the next they can’t figure anything out. It is a sport like no other. 

Their relationship with pain is like nothing I have ever seen. Every day something hurts yet they push through it. When the pain is minimal it’s a good day and there are days tears are shed but the work must go on. I want to help but I just sit back and admire the commitment to the sport that has dominated their lives since they were children. 

I can describe these machines in one word. FIGHT. They fight for everything, the littlest things, every tenth! One more turn. One more pass. One more attempt at perfection. All a fight. Some days they walk out of the gym defeated. Other days they walk out CHAMPIONS. Every day they become better men. 

As I sit and watch this gravity defying sport the constant thought that enters my head is all of this is creating greatness. They don’t know this yet, but what they deal with every day in that gym is making them better men. Better husbands. Better fathers. Better Officers. Better leaders. Unless you have been in their shoes you cannot understand what they go through. I listen to their stories, I watch them work, I was an elite athlete, but I will never know the grind of a gymnast. 

What I do know is I want them in my corner. They know how to fight for greatness. They know how to push boundaries. They do not settle for mediocrity and they are what this society needs. 

All I can say is thank you. Thank you for letting me in your circle. Thank you for letting be a part of your journey. Thank you for showing me what greatness looks like. Thank you for redefining work, passion, pain and relationship with practice. Thank you.

- Tim Dixon, Sports Psychologist

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