Disabled People Homeless Oct. 2016! TBRA Voucher Cut Hamilton Co Commissioner's Help Now

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As a person with a disabiltiy I have been living independently in my own apartment with the help of the TBRA voucher since December of 2005.  This has allowed me the abiltity to go into the community whenever I want, prepare meals of my own choosing, and watch television programming of my choice.  Without the voucher, I wouldn't be able to be independent.  I would be forced into a nursing facility, assissted living facility, or a family residence.  If this were to occur the quality of life that I so much enjoy now would be ripped away.  As of September 24, 2015, the letter I recieved from Hamilton County Planning and Developement states that this will be the case.  This letter devistated me. It reads:

We are writing to let you know that the rental assistance provided to you through the Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program will end on October 31, 2016.  Since 2010, HUD funding for this program has been decreased by 51% nationwide and signifcant cuts are anticipated for 2016.  due to this decreased funding, we are phasing out the TBRA program over the next 12 to 14 months.  We will continue to provide housing assistance for all clients until October 31, 2016.  After this date, no further rental assistance payments will be made on your behalf.

There are 165 people in our county that rely on this voucher to live in our homes.  There are 165 people  who are now going to be homeless or pushed into a nursing facility.  I want to live, I want to thrive, I want to be happy.  The apartment that I call home has taken years to get the exact accomodations and modifications I needed being a man with cerebreal palsy.  I use an electric wheelchair to get around.  I was only 23 years old when I decided to become independent.  It was really scary worrying about everything that I would need in order to be as independent as possible.  At my home I am able to go to the pharmacy on my own, I am able to take the metro bus to the Kenwood Movie theater, and I am also able to access the Metro lift bus transportation easily from my street. Even with all of the obsticles,  I made a wonderful place that I call home with the help of the TBRA voucher.  

The TBRA Voucher is gone now. It has been taken away.  As of October 31, 2016 this is our reality.  My home and 165 other homes are also gone. However, it doesn't have to be this way.  The Hamiliton County Commissioner's can help.  They can issue us another voucher that our current homes will accept.  There are faces behind the number 165.  My face is one of them.  I  have faith the Commissioner's will  see that the number 165 are people in the community that need their help, and have faith they will do so quickly.


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