Appeal for a World Environmental Education Day

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We, environmental educators from all over the world, all actors in the field of formal and non-formal education, as Universities, Schools, Parks, Museums, Environmental Education Centers, Associations and Organizations of Civil Society, call on the United Nations, institutions, private and public organizations of five continents, to recognize and celebrate every year, on October 14th, a World Environmental Education Day.

On 14 October, in fact, is the starting day of the UN Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education (14 to 26 October 1977) organized by UNESCO and UNEP in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.
Tbilisi 1977 was the height of a process started in Stockholm in 1972 we are engaged to improve an to implement; the World Environmental Education Day must remind every year the crucial challenge of a better connection between culture and nature, between humankind and the Planet, between the environmental and the social justice.

So, we propose and we offer a joint effort and we salute the birth of a global - even if ideal - annual meeting which everybody can organize himself and everywhere, all over the world.
We exhort to the UN, the leading institutions worldwide, all our colleagues, all citizens interested in a more sustainable and pleasant future to endorse and to spread our call.

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First signatures
Mario Salomone, Secretary-General of the WEEC Network (*)
And the WEEC Network Advisory Board:
Christine Affolter, ENSI (Switzerland),
Nouzha Alaoui, FM6E (Morocco)
Roland Gérard, CFEEDD (France)
Edgar Gonzalez Gaudiano, Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)
Cameron Mackenzie, AAEE (Australia)
David Orr, Oberlin College (USA)
Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson, University of Goteborg (Sweden)
Maria Santos, Lisboa E-Nova (Portugal)
Lucie Sauvé, Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada)
Pedro Vega Marcote, University of A Coruña (Spain)
David Zandvliet, Simon Fraser University (Canada)
Yolanda Ziaka, Polis-INEE (Greece)

For more information and endorsements:

(*) Since 2003, the biennial World Environmental Education Congresses (WEEC) are the most significant existing experience of connecting all actors at the international level in the field of environmental education. The Network is the permanent meeting point.