Endorsement of Ms. Kula V. Fofana for UN SG's Special Youth Envoy

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Dear UN SG Antonio Guterres,

We present to you our kind compliments and thank you for your leadership of the United Nations.

We the young people of Liberia, West Africa, Africa and the World are honored to overwhelmingly endorse Ms. Kula V. Fofana current Assistant Minister for Youth Development of Liberia as the next UN Special Envoy on Youth.

We believe in her leadership and have reposed our confidence in her ability to elevate youth issues at the global stage with support of local voices at all levels. Ms. Fofana started advocacy work at a very early age and has since dedicated her life to advocating for underserved, unreached and marginalized populations especially young people.

With over 20 years of advocacy work both locally and internationally, we believe that Ms. Fofana would make a great Youth Envoy and ensures that local voices matter on the international level. As a former refugee for many years who lived on refugee camps and underwent some very challenging times, Ms. Fofana represents hard work, perseverance, and a role model for many of us. In line with the work plan of the office, we assure you that Ms. Fofana is best suited for the job.


PARTICIPATION- She understands the need for young people to participate in decisions that impact and affect their lives. In her own words “Policies we create must match the needs of our young people. Their voices must be key in the formulation and implementation because he/she who wears the shoes knows where it pinches the most” “Young people are sometimes tagged as troublemakers. Really, all they need is a listening ear and a seat at the table. That is not so much to ask”.

ADVOCACY-with the many years of impactful advocacy, she is better placed to add her voice to the voices of young people and create change. She is the voice we have been waiting.

PARTNERSHIPS- this dynamic leader of her generation, has the ability to nurture existing partnerships and to also attract and build new partnerships for the common good of all. She reminds us that “one finger cannot make a fist”.

HARMONIZATION- the United Nations has done amazingly on highlighting the issues of the young people. The entities within the UN systems need to speak as one voice. They need to speak to one another and not at one another. Ms. Fofana can be that thread that harmonizes the youth agendas. Through collective efforts and partnerships, she believes it is possible. Ms. Fofana is such a humbled and hardworking young woman. Integrity is her trademark.

Mr. Guterres, appointing Ms. Kula Fofana as UN Envoy on Youth would be one of the best decisions you have made.

Think locally, act globally!

Thank You!