I am not a lab tool. Fund non-animal methods of research - not cruel animal experiments

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Around 9 million animals are used in research and teaching every year in Australia.

Despite our supposed commitment to the 3Rs principle of Replace, Reduce and Refine, Australia has made very little progress in replacing animals in research - as illustrated by the vast numbers of animals used each year (Australia has been cited as the fourth highest user[1]) - and with growing concern within the research community that flawed animal studies are contributing significantly to failures in translational research[2] - this is an area that requires urgent attention.

The use of animals in research is, according to the code[3], for cases where no alternative exists, but alternatives will never exist without support for the development of non-animal based scientific testing. Australian researchers therefore need dedicated funds earmarked specifically for the development of non-animal methods of research – as occurs in other nations.

A move away from animal experiments to human-relevant methods of research will not only spare millions of animals from life in a laboratory - it will also mean that research data will be directly applicable to humans and therefore more likely to result in genuine cures.

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