Respect Choni.

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So, let’s start about the queerbaiting. The riverdale producers (especially RAS) promote choni and use us to get attention, when the ep starts they just ignore them and give it less than 1 minute of screentime. You know, it’s really unfair and harmful, a lot of lgbtq+ watch this show and just want some representation, how beautiful would it be a f/f health and supportive relationship? Just in the fanfics and our dreams, because y’all don’t treat Choni right. Ever since their relationship started they didn’t have development, you use them as background and don’t care at all, they probably already said their first I love you, already had they first time on that 3 months trip! And it’s really hard to know that all of the heteronormative main couples of the show had they firsts and the public was able to see it. So why not choni? Why they don’t have the same treatment? Why y’all use them just to make a fool out of us? WE ARE DONE! One of the things that most upset me (and I believe the rest of the fandom too) is that every episode we got Bughead, today’s episode (3x03) we had 2 after sex scenes of them, totally unnecessary, jughead gets it all, it even had a kiss with Ethel, that sucks so much, the show it’s basically about them. And to be fair this relationship shouldn’t exist in the first place! It deleted the asexual people representation, one that already isn’t common around the media. And to turn it on something even worse. More than one riverdale writer is a part of the lgbt community, Greg Berlanti included. They should’ve known better, they should’ve know that on nowadays representation is necessary. 

I wanted to cry after tonight’s episode. I’m tired of this, change! Stop delude us! I can’t take it anymore. 

Love, Amanda