Greater Manchester Police Fire Sgt Michelle Davies

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Recently an anti-Islamic extremism activist reported death threats she had received from Islamists to Greater Manchester Police. Unfortunately, Michelle Davies was the officer to deal with this. Davies responded to by threatening the complainant with arrest as she claimed the complainant was "committing an offence" and "inciting racial hatred" even though Islam is not a race and criticism of religion is a protected right under English law.

Davies then went on to refuse investigating an ISIS member as she said they have "freedom of speech". This is not true, ISIS are a proscribed group under English law which means membership, support or posting or owning material related to the group is a criminal offence. Not only does Michelle have an agenda, she is also (possibly willfully) ignorant of the law. 

Davies also refused to investigate on the grounds that the complainant did not know the personal details of the offenders. Somehow, she does not realise that acquisition of these details is, in fact, the job that she and her fellow police officers are paid to do by the tax payer. 

Not only is Michelle dangerous but she is also incompetent. This is a clear neglect of duty and violates the "Misconduct In Public Office" legislation (see CPS website for further information on legislation).

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