GMP: Stand up against transphobia; do not discipline Liam for trans-rights tweet

GMP: Stand up against transphobia; do not discipline Liam for trans-rights tweet

3 February 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gwen Morgan

We implore Greater Manchester Police to confirm their stance against transphobic hate speech, and to ensure that Liam will not get into any trouble for his factually correct response on social media.

We also ask them to review their policies on responding to targeted campaigns on social media, as the mass reporting of Liam's tweet was organised by lobby groups who have a distinctly transphobic agenda (Fair Play for Women, and the Feminism Chat forum on Mumsnet).

On Friday 1st February, Liam wrote on the @GMPCityCentre twitter account "Hello, the word TERF is not an offensive slur, it is a description. At GMP, we stand against hate crime and the Trans community are victims of horrific attacks globally and in the UK. We would like to see you at the event and Hopefully you can gain insight into Trans Rights. Liam." 

This tweet was in reply to user @JoCampbell69, whose display name is TERFTASTIC. Yes, someone who uses the word TERF in her username, yet apparently thinks it is an offensive slur.

This tweet was then deleted, and they released the following statement

"Earlier today, Friday 1 February, comments were made via social media which were inappropriate and offensive. The posts have been deleted and the incident is being investigated by the Professional Standards Branch. We would like to apologise for any upset or offence."

Liam was indeed correct: the term TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) is a description created by a radical feminist. We need to words to describe groups of people, and 'TERF' is a suitable descriptor for those people, also called transphobes, and 'gender critical.'

Trans and cis people on Twitter have reacted with dismay and upset at the about-turn from the Police, and have created the hashtag #IStandWithLiam in support of the person who wrote the original tweet: 

"As someone who lives in Manchester the idea you're taking orders and definitions basically off Twitter now where there are internationally organised harassment campaigns against women, LGBT people etc is pretty scary."

"Will @GMPCityCentre stop using the word racist if racists complain? TERFs and racists are the same thing. They just hate different minorities. #istandwithliam"

"Yep. #IstandwithLiam also. It was nice to see a representative of @GMPCityCentre showing compassion and indicating that a marginalised minority can count on the police for support and protection against those who wish them harm."

"#IstandwithLiam too. Liam did good. He does not deserve any trouble for what he wrote. I was delighted to see his tweet, it was very reassuring and factually correct"

"Liam is a police officer who told terfs that being called terfs wasn't a hate crime but that transphobia is. Terfs have mass reported him to the police complaints body, please stand with Liam. #IstandwithLiam"

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Signatures: 759Next Goal: 1,000
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