Remove North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper for Violating the Bill Of Rights

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The purpose of this Petition is to Remove or Recall North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper for the abject failure in his duty to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. Governor Cooper has unilaterally & arbitrarily suspended the bill of rights granted to all United States citizens including: the right to work, the right to move freely in public spaces, the right to privacy, the right to religious freedom and the right to freely assemble. In addition the idea of "tracking" would require violating HIPAA Law that provides a uniform, basic level of security and privacy throughout the country. The "new normal" that Governor Cooper has implemented tramples the rights guaranteed to all United States citizens as stated in the Bill of Rights. In this extreme over reach Governor Cooper has exercised Dictator-like powers to destroy the livelihood of a huge percentage of the North Carolina population. The time has come to Remove Governor Cooper, reopen North Carolina and restore our INALIENABLE rights.