Allow bars and restaurants in Maine to have musical entertainment indoors with singing.

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There have been recent changes effective 10-13-20 to the governors reopening plan in Phase 4 that include entertainment at venues that serve food and drinks.  It has been stated that if they serve food and drinks they may not have indoor entertainment that includes singing. For the following reasons, among others, we feel this is unfair, and does not make sense:

1. Indoor entertainment with singing has been allowed in Phase 3 for groups of up to 50, we don't see any difference with groups of up to 100 if all other protocols are being followed including the performer being 14' away from patrons.

2. Tourist season is over, and during tourist season many venues provided live entertainment outdoors for groups of 50 or less without incident. Our state is now mostly locals, and with our low infection rates we feel the risk level is lower than it was this summer. 

3. If venues that regularly provide entertainment are not allowed to do so, their business will be greatly affected as well as the livelihood of the regular performers at these venues, which goes against the reopening plan goal of keeping Maine businesses open and healthy. 

We ask that you reconsider, and allow venues to have entertainment with singing as long as the same protocols that are required for outdoor performances are adhered to, as well as the protocols for restaurants including capacity, and distancing, and mask wearing for patrons and staff.