Save 2% for Utah

Save 2% for Utah

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Save 2% for Utah is a campaign to make water conservation a top priority as our state continues to grow. Utah residents have some of the highest municipal water use per person in the U.S. and many believe the State of Utah could do more to conserve water in our cities.

Over 50 businesses are leading the way by asking Governor Herbert to adopt a modest water conservation goal of 2% per year for 25 years. The current water conservation goal for Utah is to reduce water use 1% per year from the year 2000 to 2025.  Recently, the Utah Division of Water Resources proposed a decrease to 0.5% per year, meaning Utahns will be saving less water each year. 

We want YOU to join these businesses in demanding a more ambitious water saving goal. Reducing our water use through conservation and efficiency extends our water supply for future residents, protects our agricultural water supply and helps leave some water in our rivers for fish and wildlife.  Although there will always be critics who claim we can’t save this much water, we know from listening to our clients, neighbors and friends that Utahns are ready and eager to save water and they just need the tools and incentives to do so. 

By signing this petition you are letting our Governor and other elected officials know that you want to conserve water for Utah's citizens, wildlife, agriculture, and future generations.