Stop Dog and cats being eaten in China

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What we first thought was a joke was not a joke in the end. Thousands of dogs and cats in China are getting killed brutally for a simple meal. Don’t you want to do anything about it? Why can’t open up our mouths and speak up about it. Despite me and my friend being in a different country we’ve decided that we should ban this completely. What we deemed as being pets are being killed for food. Where is the animal cruelty people when this happens? Dogs and cats are being burnt alive � they are being thrown into boiling oil and being hit by a hammer and then cut open. Please help the poor creatures that are remaining out there so that they will be treated right.

Animal cruelty people needs to step up there game in finding out where and when things are happening and they need to stop it. The government is a key role in this and they can stop this completely if they had wished so.

Personal story
I’m a college student in Exeter and the reason why I wanted to do this petition is to create a difference and I know that’s sounds soo cringe but to be honest with you I think it’s time for all of us to make a change. Animals deserve to live just like we do .We need to stop this at once poor pets are being brutally murdered let’s bring this to an end together