Put An End To Animal Experimentation #stopanimalcruelty

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Animal experimentations are also included as animal abuse that are used in
laboratories to test and do research. It is reported that there are millions of animals
per year that are harmed by this activity and some are led to death. There are laws
and regulations that are made to limit this action, although it is not applied to all
animals. Other things that can be done to reduce animal abuse are to educate,
prevent and campaigns.

Testing on animals begins from the history of biomedical science. It is used in
many ways from testing the effects of products such as medicines or cosmetology
and surgery tests before doing it to humans. In the past few years, animal
experimentation became something that should be worried about and to be solved.
It is also reported that the tax paid is also used to fund the animal experimentation.
There are more than 100 millions of animals that are harmed by this experiment.

Animal experimentations are not something that should be done. It can be
replaced using human tissues or cells, voluntary, technology and in other ways
where they do not have to kill. Laws and regulations had been created to minimize
this action. Some countries such as Europe, Israel, India, Norway and other few
more countries have banned testing on animals. There are also Some actions that
can be done to stop this such as buying cruelty free products, educating, petitioning and protesting campaigns.