Justice for Israa ghrayeb Punishment for those who’ve had a hand in her death

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*** Life sentence for Israa’s murderers ***

We will not agree to anything less 

Israa ghrayeb was murdered in so called honour killing in Palestine 

Those who have a hand in killing her must be severely punished *****

Men can’t keep taking pride in killing their women...! And then walk free untouched because no one does anything about it 

no woman should be beaten up or killed in the name of honour !! *****

So far from what we know,

these are the people who lead to her death :

Her cousin reham 

Her brothers and her father 

Her sisters husband 

and all who participated...

They should be punished and be an example to the whole world 

No honour in killing ******

please sign and share so these murderers can get what they deserve

Justice for Israa 

may her soul Rest In Peace 

#We are all Israa Ghrayeb