Petition to punish this animal abuser Saad Naeem from Karachi

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A citizen of Karachi Pakistan who goes by the name Saad Naeem also known as Sed Qureshi is abusing and killing animals, specifically cats. And is not only abusing them but also making the graphical video full of violence and is uploading them on social media. Persons like him do not deserve to be out there in open as they will pose threat to anyone in their vicinity. The violent videos are not only hurtful but also very much violence inducing as they will motivate other sick minded people to do the same.

The only way to solve this problem is to give the strictest punishment to Saad Naeem and others involved in this horrendous stone hearted act. They must be punished and put behind bars. Should get a lesson the hard way. Later on must be educated about animals rights. The entire duty is on Govt Pakistan and concerned authorities. As Hazrat Umer said that I’ll be responsible for the death of a dog in my state who dies beside the river.
Show some humanity. Punish this person.
Please for the love of animals. Please ��

I started this petition because…
This petition is being put forward by Discover360 an online news and media startup which has been covering issues related to animals rights in the past and is continuing to do so.