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The demand to make Karachi a separate province is not associated with any political party. Karachi as a city alone caters for more than 10% of the total population of the country. This should be enough to make it a separate administrative unit/province

Pakistan, a country of over 200 million people only have 4 provinces. Rest of the world has understood the importance of having many small administrative units/provinces/counties for a better management of the country as a whole. Pakistan should at least have 4 additional provinces and there is no better city than Karachi to kickstart this development phase of Pakistan. Please support us for some of the main following reasons:

  • Better governance and more economic growth
  • Reduction in ethnic conflict
  • No marginalization of the basis of ethnicity
  • Increased sense of belonging
  • Less population and resources to manage
  • It is a well-established fact that the smaller the provinces, the stronger will be the federation
  • Separatist movements will be put to rest

 A strong Karachi means a stronger Pakistan.

Karachi Ko Sooba Banao!!