Save Religious-Heritage-Structures around Purī Jagannāth Mandir

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The Orissa State Government is hell-bent on destroying all the religious-heritage-buildings near the Purī Jagannāth Mandir for road-widening and other purposes. 

These religious Mutts have an intrinsic relationship with the Jagannāth Mandir and they have neither been heard nor given any opportunity of making representation. These institutions have been stake holders in the Jagannath Mandir for centuries now, but the Secular Government, which has no business in running a religious institution, is taking decisions to its whims and fancies, thereby destroying the hoary institution that our ancestors worked so hard to protect and preserve.

Please sign this petition if you support the protection of the heritage religious structures from the hands of the Government. 

It is hoped that the Government of Orissa, the Central Government, the Archaeological Survey of India and the Ministry of Culture take suitable steps to stop the demolition and protect these heritage structures.