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Ontario Power Generation (OPG) wants a 30% increase in the price it is paid for nuclear electricity to fund the re-building of its aging Darlington nuclear station. But we don’t need expensive power from re-built Darlington reactors — we can import low-cost, renewable water power from Quebec instead.  It is time for the Ontario Government to negotiate a long-term electricity supply contract with Quebec instead of wasting more money re-building aging and dangerous nuclear reactors.

We can get electricity from Quebec at less than half the cost of electricity from re-built Darlington reactors!

For more info: Ontario Clean Air Alliance


Letter to
Premier of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne
Leader, Green Party of Ontario Mike Schreiner
Leader of the Opposition Mr. Tim Hudak
and 3 others
Leader of the New Democratic Party Ms. Andrea Horwath
Leader of the Green Party of Ontario Mr. Mike Schreiner
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
To ensure an economically and environmentally sustainable electricity system for Ontario, the government must step in to stop Ontario Power Generation's request for a 30% price increase for power from its nuclear plants. Instead, the government should negotiate a long-term contract for safer and cleaner water power from Quebec that will cost less than half of what power from OPG's re-built Darlington reactors will cost.