Take down the Killer KOSHI BARRAGE Inhumanly controlled by Indian government.

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As of Flood August 2017,

110 People DEAD, Thousands of Nepalese citizens were affected and over 34,000 homes were flooded, destroying 1,000 of them. 

The Indian government has constructed dams and embankments near the Nepal-India border in contravention of international law, citing security and protection of its own land for doing so. This has been a huge disaster for Nepal as Nepal faces floods and inundation every monsoon.

The PREM is a flood control sluice across the PREMr near the International border with India. It was built between 1958 and 1962. It has 56 gates. Downstream of the barrage is near the border with India. Based on U.N. fact-finding mission.

It is okay if the Indians construct a dam for irrigation purposes. But they do not open the gates when we are being flooded, which is not good. Every year 100s of People are killed, several areas of terai is affected due to the flood and blockage of this barrage. This barrage has been an unfair treaty in the history of Nepal. This treaty needs to be amended.

I Rajan SHRESTHA, am a Nepalese citizen  and i want all the Nepalese people to sign this petition for a real and life saving cause. And i want UNITED NATION to review this INHUMAN Case caused by India-Nepal Border Dams, Directly controlled by Indian Government.