Justice for Jacobites- Protect our churches- Implement Church Act

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The Churches of Malankara Jacobite Syrian Churches are under threat by The Orthodox Church,  as the latter is filing court cases to Non-Democratically take over or to possessing the churches under the Jacobite church. Most of these churches were built by the Jacobite Faithful’s by their hardwork and hard-earned money. Now the orthodox wants to claim that these are their churches and is trying to expel the Jacobite faithful’s, priests and bishops from their churches.

Some of these churches has only few members who believes in the orthodox faction and the greater majority of families for example 4000 plus Jacobite families are under threat of being expelled by 14 or 15 Orthodox families, In Mar Thoma Cheriapally ,Kothamangalam, Ernakulam which is totally against the democratic rights of an Indian Citizen.

So by This Petition regarding this factional dispute primarily between two Christian churches in Kerala  the “Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church” and the “Malankara Orthodox Church”. We request to help us make a conclusion for this dispute so that the majority of faithful’s in a church should have the decision making power to decide who should be fulfilling thier religious needs and what faith they should be in . For this cause Church Act can play a vital role in solving this issue.

To know in detail about this factional dispute, 

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The Malankara Church was formed in India in the 17th century in the aftermath of two historical events, the Synod of Diamper and the Coonan Cross Oath. And back in history both these factions when united were called as the Jacobites which we can find in the educational documents (SSLC) of aged orthodox members. The events in early 17 Th century was the time when the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch Sent their bishops to kerala to help and protect the Christians in kerala, where they were under the threat of the Portuguese. 

Both the Jacobite and the orthodox faction follows the Religious rites, liturgy and rituals of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, even if the latter claims they are not.

 The orthodox claim to have an unregistered constitution made in 1934. But the original of which is nowhere produced. In the original it was clearly stating that The Patriarch of Antioch is the Supreme head of the Malankara Church , ( like The Pope is the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church.) which orthodox are not willing to accept, but want the Jacobites to accept evey other details in the constitution.

 It was In 1912, the Malankara Church split into the  Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church and the Malankara Orthodox Church on the question of the supreme head. The discontent had set in three years ago with the patriarch at that time excommunicating the metropolitan for refusing to acknowledge his authority. In 1912, the metropolitan got a rival patriarch who was mentally challenged  to invalidate his excommunication and appoint him head of the Church.The Malankara Orthodox Church considers the Malankara metropolitan its head while the Jacobite Syrian Church recognises the patriarch of Antioch as its spiritual head. They also share the same liturgy (rites of worship) and administrative structure, and both their heads hold the title of Catholicos.

The main reason they say, they will not accept the Patriarch of Antioch is , they can’t accept a “Videshi” (Foreigner) as the Head of their church , but the reality is many of the churches in Malankara has Holy Relics of saints from Middle East ( Iraq ,Syria etc) Entombed inside theses churches. All of them came to India as per the direction of then Patriarchs of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, to preach Christianity and to protect the Malankara faithful’s from the Portuguese when the Malankara faithful’s were suffering . And another controversial fact is the orthodox even now celebrate “Perunnal” ( Feasts ) of these saints who came from Middle East , But not willing to accept any patriarchs from Syrian Orthodox Church as there spiritual Leader.