Increase Validity of Ghanaian Passport From Five(5) Years To Ten Years(10)

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GHANAIAN PASSPORTS are passports issued exclusively by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration to Ghanaian granted citizenship in accordance with the Ghanaian nationality law.  Ghanaian passport booklets are valid for travel by Ghanaian anywhere in the world, although travel to certain countries and/or for certain purposes may require a visa. More than one valid Ghanaian passport of the same type may NOT be held.


ISSUABLE TO ALL CITIZENS AND NON-CITIZEN NATIONALS AND VALID FOR FIVE(5) YEARS FROM THE DATE OF ISSUE. In the past, Ghanaian passport was valid for TEN (10) years until it was changed to FIVE (5) YEARS validity as it underwent changes to conform to the recommended standard set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Ghanaian residents abroad, migrant to advance countries for working purpose , students studying abroad, Ghana civil services and public servants and the general public who requires the use of Ghana Passport for travelling , verification and identification purpose lament on the need to re-apply for another passport; barely after five years of obtaining a passport either new or renewal.

It is surprising that though after five (5) years NO BIOLOGICAL DATA OR BIOMETRIC INFORMATION is changed yet citizens and holders of Ghana’s passport need to endure the same process of acquisition again. Hence the need to INCREASE THE VALIDITY PERIOD FROM FIVE (5) YEARS TO TEN(10) YEARS.

We believe increasing the validity of Ghanaian Passport to Ten (10) years of  expiration after acquisition for both adults and children will go a long way to reduce the stress, resources, and the hurdles one need to go through in passport acquisition and renewal while at the same time reducing the congestion at our various Passport Acquisition Centers and Embassies across the globe. THIS PETITION IS DEMANDING AN INCREASE IN THE VALIDITY PERIOD OF GHANAIAN PASSPORT while maintaining its unique biometric features. God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!


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