Support brave women fighting for the Kruscica River

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In 2018, after more than 500 days of actively guarding the Kruscica River in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a group of women won the fight against two hydropower plants. Their courage has inspired many - from other local initiatives to international organizations who have recognized their drive and tenacity to fight for their right to nature. Now, two years later and under the guise of post-pandemic recovery, the government is allowing private investors to launch another assault on their precious, wild river.

The construction of even one hydropower plant will inevitably cause the destruction of the Kruscica River - turning a wild beauty into a series of pipes. This will leave communities living along its banks without access to water and recreation, preventing any form of sustainable development, and crushing the dreams many in the community share.

More than 2700 hydropower plants are planned across the Western Balkans. If these plans are allowed to develop, almost all rivers in the region will be turned into pipes, local communities will be adversely affected, and nature will suffer under such pressure. Some of the last remaining wild rivers in Europe will disappear forever.

Although Kruscica is only one single river, it is important to make our stand here and send a clear message to all governments – we will not stay quiet. Instead, let's support the brave women from Kruscica. We stand with them, DO YOU?