Encourage Income Tax payment through Incentive based system

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From a reliable source the statistics show that only 5% Indians are tax payers in our country.

We understand that the tax we pay is actually being used for helping the citizens of our country by providing them with security, education, health, transportation, infrastructure & development projects.

And i believe that most of the services run by the government are funded through tax payers money.Sometimes I feel unfair when I face a situation where I myself can't use some of such service e.g. recently I booked a train ticket for my family to my hometown but I got a waiting list ticket which i can understand as we have a huge population. And such things could and will happen.

Then I realized that the Government can actually encourage paying taxes if they could create a preference quota for taxpayers while using Government owned/partnered services that are funded through the tax payers money. In this case an honest tax payer should not compete with everybody but should compete only with the fellow tax payers.

I would like to suggest an idea of "Tax Payer card". As all honest tax payers recently received a "Certificate of Appreciation" from Tax department with a particular category (like bronze, silver, gold etc.) in a similar way the GOI should issue a "Tax Payer Card" to each individual income taxpayer and build a redeemable point system basing on the income tax paid to the GOI and give some preference to them to use government-owned/partnered services like reservation in railway or bus or air India flight or using Government medical services etc. The GOI can choose various forms to give some advantage to this taxpayer category.
Eg: give the honest income taxpayer some advantage on fee or additional points which can be redeemed against toll tax, road tax, property tax etc.

What Positive change this Suggestion may bring:
A taxpayer will feel like a special member who earns and helps our big family (India) and will also encourage others to be a taxpayer to avail such benefits. Maybe this is just a tip of the iceberg, we could brainstorm this to perfect it.

How to Implement: Taxpayer card will have a unique id linked with individual's PAN and/or Aadhar number. Every year based on income tax paid by an individual the card will accumulate redeemable tax points very similar to a credit card usage points.
This way the more you pay to the Government, the more you could redeem to use Government services.