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White Rock Quarries is destroying our houses, our environment, and our quality of life! 

Tens of thousands of residents in Riviera Isles, Sunset Falls, Nautica, Huntington, Sunset Lakes, Country Club Ranches and many other communities in West Miramar (Broward County), as well as Palm Springs North in Miami-Dade County are living in a constant state of panic due to the rock mining blasting that occurs many times a week, and that is causing severe structural damage to their houses and ruining their quality of life. The frequency and the impact of the rock mining blasting have increased over time. Residents describe it as "living in a war zone". 

Cracks appear everywhere in walls, foundations, driveways, pools, garages. Light bulbs breaking, windows shaking, picture frames falling off the walls. The shaking is so scary that area residents are worried that their houses will collapse. Veterans with PTSD are being affected, as well as our most vulnerable population: school-age children, especially those with disabilities, the elderly, and our pets. Local and state authorities have been notified. Many complaints have been filed to try to make WRQ pay for the damages, but the huge level of corruption got state legislators to curtail people's constitutional ability to use civil courts to sue for damages. The creation of the DOAH process implemented a standard of proof which is unheard of in any legal proceeding. This is a story of political corruption and that is what we need to expose.

In an article posted on December 2016, Miami New Times reminded us that in 2008 "an investigation revealed the mines were leaking cancer-causing amounts of benzene into the water supply. In the meantime, mining company officials have dumped thousands of dollars into the coffers of local and state politicians: After shoveling campaign donations all over Florida, the state agreed to cut down environmental impact fees for rock-mining companies last year. Those fees were meant to safeguard the public from potential mining-related natural catastrophes."

Big companies like White Rock do not care about the wellbeing of the residents. They do not care about the environment. They only care about profit. This problem has been going on for decades, and unless we do something, White Rock will continue the destruction of our houses, our quality of life, and jeopardizing our water supplies. The tremors are stronger than ever. The closer they blast, the more damage they do. 

Please help us stop rock mining blasting near residential areas before it's too late. Your VOTE is your VOICE. Use it!

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