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Gov. Rick Scott: Help me rescue my 7yo daughter from a sex offender.

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I need help and I don't know who can help me. I've never imagined that a justice system would take my daughter, Amy Katrin,  away from me and give her, a  seven years old girl to the man who sexual assaulted her, her own biological father. Unbelievable as this may seem, this is the situation in which I am living today. The American justice system, where I live, for more than ten years, has determined that my ex-husband hold total guardianship of our daughter. Now, besides all, I have to pay child support to the man who violated my daughter.

This man is a registered sexual offender in the state of Florida, having been registered in the Florida's Public Registered Sex Offender's website for violating his step-daughter and his own older daughter, in 1996:


 I've found out and reported this abuse on august 8th, 2010, just days before Amy's 3rd birthday, after she returned from an unsupervised visit ordered by the justice system, when my divorce was finalized. Upon closing of the criminal case, on July 2011, when the visitation's where court re-ordered as though nothing had happened, I ran away to Texas, trying to protect her. We rebuilt our lives and we were living happy for  almost 3 years. On the morning of January, 16th, 2014, I was arrested by the Texas police at the same time that I was leaving my daughter at school. I was acused of breaking judicial order and leave the state of Florida without authorization. I was in jail for 23 days, while Amy was assigned to a foster family, and then given to her violator, on April 3th, of the same year.
I have spent more than 5 months without seeing and/or having any news about my daughter
I am in agony, desperate. I need to bring my case out in public to try to reverse the justice decision and have Amy's guardianship back.
I can't even imagine my dearest daughter every day and night with the man who violated/abused her. Please, help me, signing and sharing our story with every one you know.
Amy has double citizenship and deserves respect from both countries: Brazil and USA. The Brazilian Embassy and Consulate in the US, have promised help me but have done nothing! I know that with a diplomatic pressure and legal support, I will be able to get a reversal on the decision and have my daughter's guardianship again. 

Please sign to help me call the Authorities and the Brazilian Embassy's attention to this case. Help me spread our case to the world to save my little daughter, Amy Katrin! If you would like to follow my fight, go to the Facebook community created to spread the news about our case: https://www.facebook.com/welovekarlamy

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