End Coyote Hunts in North Carolina

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Gordon Myers,

We urge to you end the Carolina Coyote Classic. This blood sport is unnecessary and barbaric. Coyote hunts do little to control population. In fact, coyote populations are currently are flat and not increasing. Moreover, the best science reports that coyotes fill the ecological void left every time by efforts to reduce. Coyotes are better adapted to the mosaic landscape that is caused by suburban planning/ development, whereas the apex predators are not. Therefore, attempts at reducing coyotes is not going remedy the challenges of predator species.

Coyotes are one of the few predators of deer we have in North Carolina to help control deer over population. Deer cause untold vehicle accidents spreading rampant disease through a flourishing tick population.

North Carolina is striving to present itself as a great place to live and vacation. Polls demonstrate that a vast majority of the population is opposed to blood sports, and this event serves to raise resistance to hunting in all forms. By supporting unnecessary blood sports, such as the Carolina Coyote Classic, your agency is creating negative perceptions of all aspects of hunting.

(photo credit: Thomas Timlen)