Coronavirus Europe - Let Google Vendor employees to work from home like Google employees

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As of 12th March 2020, Google asked from Europe based Google employees to work from home because of Covid-19. Google runs projects via vendor companies all around Europe and those employees who work for Google projects are asked to come to offices to work. It is unacceptable discrimination between Googlers and Google's Vendor employees. Google and all its vendors around Europe must immediately set the necessary technical structure for vendor employees to allow them to work from home. Please support this petition to be heard and precautions to be taken ASAP unless it is too late for those employees. 

After receiving comments and support from different vendor employees, their families and minded people around Europe, I revised the campaing not only for Ireland but also whole Europe. Please sign the petition to support Google Vendor Employees in different Europe countries to work from home like Google Employees already do. 

Some Google Vendors in Ireland started to allow employees to work from home, it is a positive development however it does not mean vendor employees working in different vendors or countries in Europe got this chance too. Please share the petition and alert your network to get more signature until it is ensured for all vendor employees. We do not ask more, just want to be treated same as Google employees.