Official YouTube recognition of ASMR as a genre and category.

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We, the ASMR community and the content creators who produce ASMR content, seek full recognition by YouTube as a genre and category of YouTube's website, platform and any possible unnamed media outlets in relation to YouTube.

Autonomous sensory meridian response, known as ASMR for short, is a physical sensation of a gentle euphoria around the scalp and neck created by a response by one's senses to external triggers. This is typically evoked by using soft or low-volume sound and gentle auditory ambiance.

In light of this phenomena, an ever-growing community of content creators on YouTube and similar platforms have emerged to cater to this sensation for audiences worldwide through ASMR videos. These videos showcase a wide variety of sound triggers such as soft-speaking, whispers, eating, ambient sounds and background noise.

Even if the viewer does not experience ASMR personally, this content has been understood to help viewers with a wide variety of beneficial effects. Said effects can range from creating a calm environment for relaxation, sleep-aids, and even help viewers tackle symptoms of mental illness such as depression and post-traumatic stress.

Artists and content creators have found a variety of ways to invoke ASMR; many of which has spawned entire sub-genres of their own. So much that multiple communities have rapidly grown over the past few years that are inclusive to newcomers and experienced artists alike.

However, despite the massive growth and importance ASMR and it's communities have shown, YouTube has not official recognized it as a category of it's own. It has in some regards done the complete opposite. It has been overly enforced with unsubstantiated and false claims of misconduct. This has resulted in countless videos and artworks being demonetized without proof which in-turn hurts the financial means of artists trying to make a living. Also many words and phrases used by the ASMR community in titles have been specifically targeted as inappropriate and demonetizing many artists' hard work.

A public example YouTube's overall disrespect of the ASMR community was put on display in the recent YouTube Rewind of 2018.

YouTube Rewind is a official promotional video by YouTube itself to showcase and promote individual channels and popular personalities throughout the year. In said video there was a short segment displaying "ASMR" but it was treated the same as many memes and inside jokes that were popular throughout 2018; as if YouTube was lampooning the entire genre. The segment itself did not even present a single ASMR artist from any of it's communities to participate. It was as if ASMR content creators were not good enough to be included but it was okay to poke fun at the genre and confuse potential audience members on a platform-wide level.

Despite the ever growing popularity of ASMR and the advertising income generated for YouTube off of the work and creativity of the ASMR community, YouTube has made clear their misrepresentation of the hardworking artists of ASMR.

To take the first steps to rectify this, we seek to have YouTube officially recognize the ASMR community by implementing ASMR as an official genre and category of their website. Not only will this help millions of viewers discover and enjoy ASMR as a whole through streamlining their searches and video recommendations, but it will also help the collective morale of the community itself. A strong symbol that ASMR is a part of the YouTube family., a popular live streaming website that many ASMR artists use as well, has already recognized ASMR and has implemented the category into their platform.

But for many ASMR artists YouTube is our home and we aren't going anywhere. ASMR is not a fad or joke. ASMR is a part of our culture now and for the future and it should be treated as such.

Help us convince YouTube that ASMR should have the recognition it deserves.