Reinstate AdSense accounts of Innocent Creators and make changes in adsense policies

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Hello friends i am a medical student and making videos on youtube for helping students who are preparing for medial entrance examination (NEET) , i am also making videos for public awareness on social issues. I had nearly 10k subscribers and nearly 4 to 5 lakhs views  on my youtube channel named (vivek pandey) ( and uploaded more then 19 good videos .i am working on YouTube from past 6 months,On 21/02/2018 i got a mail  from Google AdSense team that my google AdSense account got disabled due to invalid click activities. 

This petition is to ask Google to reevaluate and revamp their AdSense policies. We would like them to review all accounts that have been disabled for indeterminate reasons. There are many people who have had their accounts disabled with no warning and with no real proof given of the offense that is supposed to have taken place. There is no chance given to fix any issues and there is absolutely no real customer service - just automated bots. The results are that money earned is taken away and the user is unable to work with AdSense ever again.

At the root of this issue, and what Google truly needs to change, is the fact that an automated system determines the validity of ad clicks AND the disabling of AdSense accounts with NO warning messages and NO description of the activity which causes accounts to disable. On top of this, there is no way of contacting an actual human being in order to rectify any issues, or at least get a better explanation of what happened. Google claims this is so that the automated system cannot be subverted, choosing to place what is easiest for their company over the users. Instead of getting to the root of the problem, they simply blame and ban the user.

Google AdSense's appeal system is slow, ineffectual from all reports, and permanent. If you are denied your appeal, you are permanently banned from EVER holding an AdSense account in the future under your legal name. This is in spite of the fact that false reports or even 3rd party attacks could trigger this automated system to disable an account. Simply, a helpful YouTube fan or friend *thinking* they are doing the right thing by clicking your ads could cause you to become forever unable to monetize through AdSense.  Alternatively, an internet troll or someone who perceives you as a strong competitor could do the same and completely ruin a YouTuber, website holder, or app developer’s revenue stream.

Solution :-

1. A notice in prior: As soon as something suspicious is detected on the creators' account, Google could warn them before disabling their account. This would not only help the creator find out a solution to cease this activity, but also protect his or her AdSense account.

2.Halting ad service for a particular time frame and providing reports regarding the suspicious activity: Google could stop the ad service on the creators' channel/blog for the next 72 hours or a month. They could also provide a detailed report about the suspicious activity. This would allow the creator to figure out a solution and fix the problem by banning malicious users and attackers. Google could also remove the ad revenue generated within the span of the activity.

3. Analyse the creators' history before banning them: Google could also analyze the creator's history and track their record for previous violations before taking stick measures directly.

4. Smarter ads, hidden when malicious activity detected: Lastly, if possible, Google could augment their ad widgets by hiding the ads when malicious activity is detected.

5. Their is no direct way to contact Google AdSense , make a proper way to communicate with google AdSense team via calls and e-mail ,in which we got reply from a real human not a computerized program that continuously sending same relies to all creators

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