Google MUST Stop terminating developer accounts

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We, developers, after years of effort, bring our app in Google Play Store. Android users are happy because of this huge effort. Android ecosystem continue growing because of this effort. Google business continue growing because of this effort.

We, developers, we respect Google. We love Google. We respect humans. We love humans.

We, developers, take years and years to find ideas, to develop these ideas. We take all our time to do this work, because we love android, we love the world.

We developers, we have families, we have wife/husband; when we start developing our app for the world, we monetize this effort somehow (ads, in-app purchase,...). Our families lives under this revenue. Our children go to school with this revenue. We pay our bills with this revenue. We are humans, we put efforts, we deserve this revenue to live.

Imagine google suddenly TERMINATE your developer account, without any manner to re-instate it. No human help, no interaction. Just a bot form to fill for appeal and wait for this appeal rejection.

Dear google, let us (developers) tell you what happen under those Account Termination :

- All our revenue stops;

- All our family suddenly stop having to eat;

- All our children stop going to school;

- We loose our car;

- We loose our house;

- All our life is broken!!!

And why? Just because we developers, we trust you Google, we spent 10 years learning how to make android apps for your users, we stop all other activities to focus on Android development because we love Android. And you GOOGLE, you suddenly shut down our life and forbid us to develop any app anymore.

Can you please love us as we love you dear GOOGLE? Can you consider our life depend on our apps? Can you please consider we human can make some mistakes? Should someone stop learning android development just because his app crashed 3 times? Or your "associate" partner app crashed 3 times? Should a child stop going to school just  because he got 3 bad marks? Or even worse just because his neighbour got 3 bad marks? Who decided humans, after 3 mistakes, must see their whole life broken?

How you, google, actually treat us, developer :

- You terminate our account and remove ALL OUR ACCOUNT APPS after 3 mistakes;

- You terminate our account and remove ALL OUR ACCOUNT APPS after you decide to consider us as "associated with someone we even don't know".

What we, developers, politely ask to you, google :

- Consider our family, consider they need our revenue to continue eating and living;

- Remove an app if this app is a mistake and let us correct that mistake, and then, reinstate that app;

- Let us continue developing on android as, many of us don't know doing any other thing;

- Stop terminating any Google developer account;

- Bring human to discuss with, when we have issue with google play console;


My account has been terminated on  19 Mar 2019. My startup has just been killed. My team is ruined. We spend 1 year developing our app which would be the app of the year on my country. Then suddenly, all is broken, without solution to even just talk a human from google. Even all our old apps have been shut down. I make some research and found many other developers are in the same situation. I don't ask to re-instate my account only, i ask to re-instate all our accounts, developers!!! I ask google to change this policy.

Are you a developer? Are you in my situation? Sign that petition. Aren't you in my situation (yet)? Sign that petition.

Developers from the world, let's make this petition be shared all over the world.

If Google read this, please if you have a heart, give a second chance to our families by re-instating our accounts and to all future developers families by changing this "strange" policy.

Politely By an 7 years Android Developer, whom family will probably not eat during all his remaining life. And maybe the next month we will start sleeping in the street when we will not pay our bills.