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Google Search Appliance (GSA) - don't kill it in 2018!

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I am working with Enterprise Search and especially Google's Search Appliance since quite a few years now. Such a cool product, but sadly it is going to be discontinued in 2018.

Google however does not simply discontinue the product, they eliminate any option to use the GSA after the year 2018, all existing machines (the GSA is a hardware/software-bundle) will be basically electronic waste after that given date.

Google does not give any option to extend support or even use the "old" version any longer, keeping thousands of companies in a very bad place. Many companies are going to be affected by this. No real alternative is given at this date, this is a "take it or leave it" attitude by Google, they don't seem to care about customers that much after all.

@Google: Please let companies use the GSA even after the deadline in 2018, it wouldn't cost Google a thing to not "kill" the machines after the license expires! Many companies are more than welcome to pay for a "extended license key" so they can keep their machines working after the support end date. Or at least give companies more time to migrate to new search-solution! Companies who are interested in your cloud products, will migrate anyway, no need to extort the companies in such a manner. Please reconsider your strategy here. Thank you!

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