Google, please bring back Pebble

Google, please bring back Pebble

8. November 2019
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Gestartet von Jakob Tissen

Hello Google!

In my opinion Pebble was the first real Smartwatch in the market.
I supported it from the first Pebble and still own and wear every day an Pebble Time.

Over 68 thousand people supported the first pebble and collected over 10 million dollar! Pebble Time was even more, over 78 thousand people collected over 20 million dollar!

It was nice looking, long-lasting, full-featured, cheap, lightweight and the best: it was open to community to develop own watch-apps, watch-faces and companion apps.

Not a kind of that what other watches allow, like clicking together some pictures without any logic and beauty. Real c++ coded apps with a lot of information and functionality! Search in github, over ten thousands repositories for pebble!
And on top of it, an online, fast and very functional developing platform called CloudPebble. Also the battery hold up to ten days is unique at the market, even today.

So google, please, it's not a big deal for you, you now own FitBit and with it Pebble, bring us back our so beloved watch! Even under the name of FitBit or Wear.
Me and with me hopefully many people like it and will support it in the future with many nice looking apps and watchfaces. Don't disappoint such a big and still active community.

With kind regards,

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1.477 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 1.500
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