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Good to Go! - Washington State Department of Transportation: Change billing, customer service policies & automatic updating of addresses

I have a car that has rarely seen traffic over 520. I deliberately decreased my traffic over the Highway 520 Lake Washington Bridge because of the new tolls. When I got married in March, I updated my Driver's License because my wife and I bought a house in Shoreline so my address had changed. I thought that would be the end of it and whatever subsequent bills I received from "Good To Go!" would be updated with my new address. They were not. I had to manually request an update several times for them to even do anything. Each time I would request my address to be updated, I was greeted with emails and/or a customer service rep (over the phone) who would tell me that they could not update my address, and that I now had a "Civil Penalty" due to unpaid tolls. I told them that YOU did not update my address from the Washington State Department of Licensing (which is automatic when I changed it, at least on my end), so why should I be threatened with a civil penalty and assessed a $40 fee just because you wouldn't update my address? And now they charge me a $5 reprocessing fee for each bill. FIVE DOLLARS!!! For paper and postage! I am outraged. Now they're threatening me that if I don't pay off $114 in tolls and civil penalty fees that my registration renewal can be delayed. I am livid at this kind of lackluster and shoddy customer service and attention to commuters, and believe that we should be petitioning the "Good to Go!" - Washington State Department of Transportation office to enact changes in their billing and customer service policies. These civil penalties are absolutely outrageous. I mail in a letter explaining my circumstances, I call numerous times to advise them of a change in address, and am greeted with a highly removed customer service rep who merely reminds me of my civil penalty, or a bland, uncaring bill with yet another reprocessing fee. OUTRAGEOUS.

We are all obviously not "Good to Go!". I will not be taking 520 any longer. But change needs to happen NOW. Who will stand with me to enact change with the DOT "Good to Go!" office?

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