BAN on Hunting with Galgos!!! Stop Spanish Greyhound deaths:

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Shame of Spanish greyhound (galgos) deaths!!!!

Up to 50,000 dogs face terrifying fate of being thrown down wells, tied to rail tracks or dumped by busy roads as nation's hunting season draws to end, around January-April.

Thousands of greyhounds are facing terrifying deaths after being thrown down wells, tied to railway lines or abandoned next to busy roads as the end of Spain's hunting season approaches.

Selfish pet owners discard the working dogs, known as galgos, so they do not have to pay for food to keep them alive after the season ends.

Animal welfare campaigners estimate that Spain has 200,000 registered galgueros, who own up to ten dogs each, and that up to 50,000 greyhounds are abandoned at the end of each season.

Charities struggle to cope with the influx of abandoned dogs, many of whom are either left to fend for themselves or taken to kill shelters.

Others are left to die down wells, with cruel owners blocking up the entrance with wood so there is no chance of escape.

Galgos, a member of the sighthound family and distant relations to British greyhounds, are used for hunting and for hare coursing, where two dogs compete to run down a hare over open land. Galgos are naturally calm, loving and gentle animals but they are deprived of all love and don't know what that is. The ones that survive are deeply traumatized and have trust issues to begin with, but we can re-home them and give them the lives they deserve.

We can only help the tip of the iceberg so the answer is a complete ban on hunting with galgos!!!! ⚠️PLEASE HELP SHARING IT AND SIGNING IT!!!!⚠️