Please help get my 4 year old daughter into her local school where here 9yr old sister is!

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In November 2017 I had to put in a placing request for my 4year old daughter to attend the same School as her sister(St.Roch’sPrimary) who will be in P6 in August as I am out of catchment area for my local School although it’s only 0.5 miles from my home. Paperwork lost after a series of errors on councils websites and advice I then had to reapply only to be told school is full and my daughter needs to attend a school in a neighbouring area.  This is impossible for me as a) I am a single parent and can not be in 2 places at one time , nor can I leave my 9 year old home alone at start and end of day b) My eldest daughter will understandably not move schools at this late stage in her schooling. C) Although the other school is 0.1 mile closer on paper it is more up hill(bridges to cross) I have mobility issues and two previous spinal op’s so not a good option for me. D) I have very poor health Fibromyalgia functional neurological disorder ptsd depression anxiety but to name a few and on bad days I have plenty of family and friends in this area who could take and collect kids for me in this area which I don’t have option of in a strange area.  E) My Dad my sister, myself my late brother my eldest daughter attends st Rochs I want my youngest to as well. F) My little girl has been to all the school visits induction days and even graduation day at St.Rochs and met all the staff and is so excited to go there and is settled and familiar with surroundings. G) All her friends are going to this school she is part of this community and should be able to stay included in it. H) The Education Board are refusing to hear my appeal until after August which means my girl will miss out on school and we will all be full of anxiety and upset all summer wondering what’s going to happen? This is not helping my stress levels at all so I would be so greatful if you could sign my petition in the hope that the Education board  will see how unfair and unjustified this is to anyone who hears  my predicament and reviews our current situation and shows some empathy and compassion�Thank you so much for your time �Don’t forget to sign �please note the problem is with the Education Authorities not the School itself as they are happy to have Lucy �

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