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Get The Warning an opening slot for Def Leppard's 2018 tour! (fan-initiative)

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In 2017 "The Warning", a young Mexican rock-band formed by three sisters, had been asked to be the support act for Def Leppard at their two concerts in Mexico. Def Leppard, their staff, the management and the audiences loved the girls' performances and Joe Elliot even played their songs in his radio show.

It was a great honor to be invited by Def Leppard, especially for an unsigned or independent band that young and absolutely out of the business norm. But because this worked so well for everybody involved, we, The Warning's worldwide fanbase, would love to see this little outfit (Def Leppard/The Warning) once again, maybe on a tour and maybe even in the US.

So please support us by agreeing to this petition and writing down in a few words, where you come from, what you like about The Warning, and why you think, they have earned to be invited by Def Leppard's management again in 2018. Without a doubt, The Warning would do great as a support act and fire up the audience very well before Def Leppard enters the stage (just like they already did). But in order to convince Def Leppard's management as well, it would surely be helpful to get an indication of how big their active fanbase all over the world is and that they would actually draw a certain number of extra visitors for the shows. So please give us a minute of your time and support us!

Thank you very much in advance! You have been WARNED!!!

(This petition is fan-initiated.)

P.S. Here are the links to their official web-sites:

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